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My spawn, the party animal

So now, it's a skating party tonight, followed by a pool party tomorrow. Then, a trip to her Mimi's. She has a fuller social agenda than I do. Lori, A's mom, is so cool. I hope she doesn't get reassigned next year as is planned. She and I have become good friends (errr, just like Kar and I; what IS IT about we military/ex-military chicks?). We're COOL. THAT'S WHAT. Hahaha. That, and we love weapons. :)

More progress, even though it doesn't look it
Finally got K to throw SOME stuff away (although some of it is valuable and I'm wondering what her motivation was when making THOSE moves). Andrea kinda helped (sorta), and she also got her clothes under control (which seems to be my big problem, too). If it wasn't for shoes, clothes and books, this move wouldn't be that difficult. That, and little K mementos that I save (um...all of it, from her first day at daycare to date). I am an irrefutable pack rat.

The boyfriend box
I have a special box that I keep 'ex boyfriend' stuff in. Ohhhh the joy I derived in chunking out psycho's stuff is...unparalleled. This is the first time in my HISTORY that I've 'cleaned an ex out.' It was almost like cleaning out the rest of the 'unwanted crap' in my life. Going to sell the ring (and will let it go REAL cheap). I still have the ring from K's dad, and am saving that for K when she's older. In fact, I still have um...Bob's. But this one? Pfft. I should've sold it before now. :) Can't wait to get rid of it. Also threw away cards, letters, and cleaned out e-mail (which really could've been used in a harmful way against him...but right NOW, I'm praying to GOD that his gf keeps a VERY CLOSE WATCH over him). I have no desire to have even his presence influence my life at ALL. Things started getting better after I told him almost two week's ago that we would NEVER be a 'we.' And his tears wouldn't work this time (I think he and gf were He's so predictable). Plus he knew I was moving (with roommate, and heee knows who it is; that bothers him even more). It's like the next day was magical...things started happening, and I think God was trying to tell me that losing him was the right thing...once and for all. I feel so relieved it's unbelievable. Like I've been given a second chance in life. I feel free. And due to his girlfriend's obsession, I have a feeling she'll whip him into staying home at the very least and NOT bugging/following/calling me. She's a classic nag. LOL. I'm counting on it. Hm...maybe I should sell that ring to her? Heh. Nah; pawn shop around the corner. I can at least get a smooth $50 out of it. ;) Yeah, baby, yeahhhh. So Richard and trash, even little notes, have all been thrown away. FEEEEEELS GOOOOOOD. And my other exes/boyfriends remain intact, as they all have 'good sides' to them, and I enjoy occasionally pulling down the memories box, and reminding myself that there ARE good guys left, and other than psycho Richard, I've ALWAYS made good men decisions. I still have the first card my first fiance gave me :D Told ya I'm a packrat. Usually, I have a hard time throwing ANYthing away. So my glee at sweeping out psycho was...unexpectedly fun and surprising. Even the black jacket, key and other things belonging or previously owned/bought by him were trashed. Yay! Forever in a dumpstah... :D

Shower time
Allrighty. Time for me to jump in the shower, attempt to look cute yet still look busy without being covered in dust and spiderwebs by the time Boyscout shows up. We're going out to eat, so...eeks. Everybody be careful (especially since tonight is the ballgame...deliver me from man hellllll). :)

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