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Delayed panic

Ack! I knew I was taking this new job 'too easily.' Haven't worried about, no concerns, etc. etc. until just now. What to wear? Conservative/Ultra Conservative/Conservative-Sexy/Girly Dress? Gray? Black? Colors? No colors? What shoes? I don't want to TOWER over them; and in heels, I WILL. OMG. PANIC.

I think I'm settling for a conservative black suit with a silk blouse. The skirt's a wee bit shorter than I'd prefer; but the suit as a whole is very appropriate, I think. Plus black's a good color for me.

*Bites nails down to a stump*

Another thing -- duirng the move I actually broke a nail. My nails NEVER break; but when they do, I chop them all down to the broken one's size. So now, I have very short nails. It's odd. YIKES. I procrastinated panicking! How could that happen?

Any suggestions? Wear my hair up or down? Ehhhh...goody. Whenever I pick out what to wear the night before, I ALWAYS change my mind by the next morning. Perhaps I should pull some backup suits just in case...(brown? gray? ANYONE??!).

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