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Non-vanishing tooth knot and airything else...

I finally caved in, and went shopping with K. After all, she did earn some cash this summer, and had every right to be able to try and spend it. Of course me -- being the frugal, penny-pinching shrew that I am -- talked her out of purchasing a few things for her room, things which I now feel guilty about discouraging her from. Trip zwei might occur tomorrow...we'll see.

She allowed me to sleep in this morning, which has a domino affect on my maternal emotions. On one hand, I desperately needed it. On the other, I felt SO guilty knowing she'd BEEN up for awhile. I won't EVEN go into the gory details of my HURTSSSSSSSSSSSS.

Of course, shopping for me entails a mad dash through a VERY GEOGRAPHICALLY CLOSE location which carries brand names at discount prices. Yeah, I really tried, but ended up spending a couple of hours deliberating over the true necessity of each item. I ended up with only a couple of things, some of which I'm still scratching my head over. K got some cool stuff, I feel good about it all in all. My income truly doesn't allow for 'fun shopping' but we haven't done this in at least two years.

How horrible did I feel when she quietly asked if she could wear some of the clothes I got her to her dad's? Dear journal and readers, I have never understood this 'my clothes/your clothes' thing when it comes to K. They're HER clothes. I DOUBLY affirmed that she can always bring whatever she wants from here to there. They're HER clothes, despite who buys them. What I want is for her to feel comfortable taking any/every thing from here to there, if it makes her feel good about herself. She got some cool clothes and neat looking shoes. The minute we came home, she tried it all on, and was so happy. I NEVER feel bad spending money on her. However, I did find some REAL good bargains on a couple of girl items (lotion, get it), and splurged (well, not really, but for me it was). Chit, I'm too old to really CARE if I'm hip or cool. :) Not that I've EVER cared, now that I mention it.

K discussed a few things which concerned me tonight about life, etc.. But since I'm literally falling asleep, these details can wait til la manana (if I share them here at all; I'm still unsure as to who reads, and who doesn't).

I did manage to hop onto the parent's page and answer some questions. I was secretly so happy that a couple of regulars cared enough to mention it. I'm thinking I'm TOO easy to please. :P

Since I don't feel this journal is being watched or read frequently, I suppose I can 'talk' about things which bother me. So last night, I decided to stop attempting to justify work, K, etc. to any and everyone to save me. Talking in circles seems to be what I'm doing to justify to friends why my schedule is the way it is. I really need to change this one. I have had someone who's been a literal life raft for me the past couple of weeks, displaying an eagerness to help me, and going to great lengths to do so.

Yeah, yeah...I'm going to bed. It's late, I'm all girled out, and need the rest. Beware of tomorrow, for I shall catch up in spades. Insert a huge maybe here. Perhaps some things are best left unsaid (and many things ARE).

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