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Ackkkk! My sinuses are KILLING me. OMG. Woke UP with a headache, and have suffered through it all freakin' day. Ugh. All behind my eyes, my throat...to the back of my head, it's ALL infected. I've used a TON of nasal sprays and eye drops in an effort to ease the pressure some, but no joy. Am also running a loverly fever with it, too. I WILL NEVER BE HEALTHYYYY. *Stomps foot*

SOLD to the highest bidder
Met the Birmingham News chick, and we talked about divorce, kids, cars, etc. She gave me her business card and wants to go to lunch/out some time. Cool! She seems like a cool chick and is very pretty. :D She was happy with the product, I was happy with the check. She told me she was going to ensure that my other appliance was sold, even if she had to talk to her friends. Tres cool. She even had a sense of humor, which is awesome in THIS neighborhood. So I made a new girliefriend today :D

Out of electrolytes
Nottttt good. I went through a 24 pack of gingerale, and am now out of electrolytes (again). Eh, not good considering I'm running a fever and just got over being dehydrated. Right now, I'm drinking tea. Caffeine is a DEhydrator. Duh. I'm about a sandwich short of a picnic, I'm thinkin'.

On the work front/force
Made LOTS of phone calls and e-mailed tons of resumes out today. HOWEVER...no one has WORDPERFECT! Not even LAW firms, which is why WordPerfect was invented to start with. Although WP offers a conversion process, it's not turning out. So I've had to copy/paste into the e-mail itself, and it ain't purty. Have called Steady E to see if I can use his equipment to print out a hard copy for faxing. Gotta be ULTRA aggressive despite the move.

Thank GOD
Between selling stuff and the generosity of a friend, I have a good chance of making it. I really do need to call my bank and find out what's going on over there. SOMEthing is. I'm not spending ANY money, and yet my balance is down to NOTHING. This makes no sense, since I had a pretty good idea of how much was there to start with, or how much should've been there. I suspect foul play. Umhm.

Mmmkay; head is hurting WAY too bad for me to stay on this thing. Going to lie down with aluminum can behind my neck, in hopes that it'll relieve the ole sinuses (and hot rag over face...yeah, that's it).

Niters, all.


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Sep. 22nd, 2003 05:03 pm (UTC)
Ugh, dealing with money troubles is the worse.
Hang in there honey. We haven't talked lately but I still think of you and hope for the best.
Sep. 22nd, 2003 06:07 pm (UTC)
And to be that close just sucks.
I mean I was THAT close. Getting used to getting up really early, dressing in a suit, driving through horrific traffic just to be stopped in my tracks. For ONE minute, I didn't worry about paying the bills, because this contract allegedly provided the padding I needed. Yes; money troubles suck like there's no tomorrow. I have been selling things, and am considering selling more (such as family heirlooms). After my mother's evil response about the move and my life, there's no love lost for 'her side of the family's' stuff; so...necessity is the mother of invention.

Thanks. I'd wondered where you've been since you haven't been posting or commenting lately. Are you doing okay?
Sep. 23rd, 2003 05:34 am (UTC)
hope things get better soon
Sep. 23rd, 2003 05:37 am (UTC)
*hugs back*
Things were definitely better yesterday (as you're aware). Now I just need to get this c.v./resume printed off (which I'm writing in a new post).

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