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Maybe if I closed the windows

Went to BED with a sinus headache, and woke UP with one. This has gotta go. I was up and down all night with this crap. And my eyes hurt. Lemme see if I can complain any more...heh. Well, I could, but I'll spare me (you guys) from it.

All is quiet...finally
Since my big angry post, allll has been quiet from that direction. If ONLY I'd done that months' ago, I wouldn't have had to deal with this crap to start with. HOW GOOD does it feel NOT to get the random IMs, the 'mystery' phone calls, and KNOW that my place is safe from drive-bys? I think this is the official end to the stalkdom. It helps that the police are all over it. Ahhhhhh...peace. My biggest goal. At last.

Shoulda had a yard sale
Was grabbing clothes last night from my closet. EH GADS. I save EVERYthing. I took down at least seven heavy armloads of clothes (work clothes, suits, etc.) last night. Heavy and unbelievable. I saved only a couple of suits here; the rest I'm keeping are casual. Since I AM moving non-essential things, might as well start with the mothaload. Should've bagged some shoes while I was at it. OMG. The shoes. Sooo many. Everything, girlies, comes back in style. Trust me on this one. Save your stuff, because one day, you'll be wearing it again. You KNOW you're dating yourself when you saved something from the '80s and it's back 'in' now. Hahahaha. Traditionally, my clothes are 'classic' and never go out of style (lots of black, turtlenecks, etc.). Smart buying.

Printer Joy
NOT. Tried downloading the driver, but no joy. So Steady E called this morning, and said he'd leave the key under his mat so I could use his. Aww. He's so great. I'm going to swing by there after traffic, and also fax hard copies out. Dang. Is anyone as trustworthy and consistent as Eddie? I'm not thinking so. I could've said "Eddie? I need Stonehenge; could you make that happen?" and I feel pretty sure he'd fetch it for me :D I think people toss around the word 'friend' too lightly. I'd do anything for my friends, no matter what it is, or how it inconvenienced me. Tis how you judge whether or not they are friends instead of acquaintances. And I think women are naturally suspicious of our male friends; we always feel (initially) that there's got to be motivation behind their actions. I've known Steady Eddie for YEARS; and never once has he done or said anything out of hand, or even close to it. He's a tree-hugging, vegetarian pharmacist who walks his cats and lives a quiet life. He's a good friend to have, because you don't think "he wants something in return." He doesn't. In fact, when I know he's up to something, I'll volunteer to help and he always turns it down. Then again, he WILL occasionally call for advice; and I suppose that's where he gets our friendship satisfaction (that, and my amazing personality...hahahah). Poor Eddie. He's getting the short end of the friendship stick.

NEVER use Flunisolide when you have a serious infection
My nose is gonna burn right off my face. OMG. That brought tears to my eyes. I really REALLY need to see an ENT. *Pouts* Almost as bad as the headache are my eyes. They hurt so bad from the pressure. Ugh. Just a dull throb in each eyeball. Wretchedness, I tell you. I'm going to soak my head in a sink full of hot saline water. Heh. Or get really drastic, and pour peroxide in my nostrils. Peroxide IS the solution to all that ails ya. :) I can see it now; my face blows up and er...I won't have to worry about that anymore. Have you ever mixed blood in a tube with peroxide? YIKES. Causes a small explosion. Since my nostrils are bleeding somewhat, I think my peroxide solution isn't such a good one.

Screen Scratching
Something was scratching my screen last night. Just a light scratch, scratch, scratch. I turned on the light once, to try and bust it in action, but nothing was there. Hm. Weird. I definitely shouldn't have slept with the windows open, as I feel it's contributing to this sinus infection. Honestly, I thought the rain would calm it down. Doh.

Back to the grindstone. :P

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