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I don't know how many of you are familiar with Ted Bundy's story, but OMG...it's mortifying.

After seeing the movie, I came online to research, and discovered Ted Bundy -- and other sex-crime serial killers -- are movitated by extreme jealousy and narcissim. They ARE aware of what they're doing, and what brings them MOST joy is to 'control' another person. I read this in horror. Sure, I know all about psychology, or as much as anyone who's majored in it does...but to have it laid out this way sent chills down my spine. He was attractive, but when rejected, would act out violently. The narcissist wants to destroy 'goodness' and will often treat women as objects, or worse -- humiliate them in many ways, by degradation -- calling them names, treating them badly, telling OTHERS that they're 'bad'; anything to destory the goodness, or image of it, and 'weaker sex.' These men are COWARDS. I don't have to point out what is so freaky about this one. Ted Bundy had a number of psychotic problems, but primarily was a sociopath. He lied about his past, lied about his salary, his education, his background (lied about everything), stole, manipulated -- ANYthing to get his way. He was married to two women at one time, engaged to another, and would lie straight to these women's faces, while they ALL believed him, or wanted to even though they could FEEL something was wrong. The entire nation was tricked by his mimicing 'normalcy'; which is precisely what he did. But when pushed over the edge, friends and lovers all commented on him by saying his eyes would darken (dialated pupils), and become swollen, his face, dark red. OMG. Sounds WAY TOO FAMILIAR. I HAVE TO STOP READING THIS STUFF.

So...I've learned my lesson (not that I needed to learn one, but did anyhoo). I don't CARE about the circumstances; I'll never walk down a road paved by a narcissist again, EVER. Because it is this very selfishness, low self-esteem, fear of rejection and abnormal envy that makes them psychotic. SO...ENOUGH said about that. The worst thing about this is that they NEVER see this in themselves, and NEVER rehabilitate because of their blindness to who they really are. They cannot accept the 'bad' of themselves; they couldn't live with it. FREAKY.

Ok...After reading all this stuff (and I HIGHLY recommend you all check it out; you'd be amazed at how 'normal' these guys seem. The link is http://www.crimelibrary.com/bundy/attack.htm . VISIT IT. Protect your children, and women, yourselves. If your spouse/lover/boyfriend acts out, treats you in the manner of these guys (you'll find this on the website), you might possibly be in danger. Despite how charming, or intelligent, they are DANGEROUS because their envy won't allow them to feel sympathy towards another...ever. That is definitive. They can 'mimic' sympathy, and even cry, to make themselves more believable (i.e., when they're caught, they'll often throw a dramatic scene, crying, screaming, begging for forgiveness/help, like Ted Bundy). Don't be fooled by this!! You might love him. But perhaps it's time to reexamine your dude. Fortunately, Ted Bundy only acted out fantasies with those he 'loved' (i.e., wife, fiance), in which he would force them to have degrading sex with him (different orifaces, S&M, strangulation); but found it more difficult to sustain sexual gratification as long as his true fantasies were dormant (which is what made him spring into his serial killer life)...GAWD. So even though it was 'safe' for the women to whom he was committed, it was ONLY safe for them because they didn't CHEAT; had his jealousy ever been confirmed, he WOULD'VE killed her. He projected his own acting out onto every woman with whom he had an intimate relationship with.

Can you tell his story freaked me out? Oh yeah. I'll be lucky to sleep tonight. If you think about it, we've ALL come in contact with people who 'just don't seem right.' They DO get this odd, distant look in their eyes when in a confrontational situation, act out inappropriately and with little notice when confused...the list goes on and on. But since this affected ME, I wanted to share with ANY women who might 'question' her man's behavior. Visit the link. Read it. Or don't...yikes.

No more serial killer books or movies!!! I've made a command decision. None of these ever bothered me, really, until this one because unfortunately, it struck so close to home (in ways that shall remain private). No, I'm not afraid I'LL be a victim; but perhaps that I'll have to defend myself, which might end up unhappy, due to extenuating circustances. You never know with sociopaths in your life...that's the bottom line. You can try to leave, but the behavior will always be there (again, this is based on Bundy's case study), and YOU will always be part of it.


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Dec. 8th, 2002 04:12 pm (UTC)
You should read Ann Rule's book: The Stranger Beside Me.

She is a full-fledged crime writer (real-life crime, not fiction), but back when she was starting, she was a volunteer with Ted Bundy. She knew him before he was Ted Bundy, so to speak. It's neat to see that angle, cause of course, he didn't look/act like a serial killer to her. I highly recommend it.
Dec. 8th, 2002 05:15 pm (UTC)
Ann Rule?
Hm...her name sounds so familiar. Might I have read anything else written by her? I'll check into that one. That's the horror of serial killers; they don't LOOK dangerous, unless you know what to look FOR. I've creeped myself out enough for one day. Was she, by any chance, the girl who had an affair with him?

Do you know her personally? I co-authored a book a couple of years' ago, and although it was a biography of a sadist, it wasn't NEARLY as heinous as this story.

Do I know you? :)

Dec. 8th, 2002 06:14 pm (UTC)
Re: Ann Rule?
Hi. No, you don't know me. I found you by reading my friendsfriends page. :)

No, I don't know Ann Rule, either. She's written LOTS of books, all of them the true-life-crime kinda thing. The one I mentioned I think was her first one. I think she worked for newspapers or magazines before that.
Dec. 8th, 2002 06:55 pm (UTC)
Ah ha
Probably saw one of her books at my mother's. She's always reading those killer books. :) Her name sounded familiar, however.

Many journalists are crossing over into books. Might as well. A good story can turn into a great book, if you work it right :D I'm trying to watch non-threatening movies right now, but still can't seem to relax. Ugh.

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