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THIS did NOT just happen.

OMG. I'm walking up/down stairs with Eddie, when a CAP fell off a BACK TOOTH. PLEASE, GOD, JUST ONE...LITTLE...BREAK. I sooo cannot afford a trip to the dentist's right now!!!! It's hanging in there, but if I try to eat, I have NO doubt I'll either chew it up, swallow it or...God only knows what'll happen. I'm just asking for one little break!! That's not too much, is it?! *pulls hair out screaming*

Steady E packed up another SUV full of K stuff today, so that's comforting. My room, however, remains pretty much fully unpacked, and looking as full as ever. I've moved armloads of clothes downstairs; but I still have SO MUCH STUFF that needs to be packed up, and I'm way too weird about 'my private space.' I'm going to have to allow someone to help whether I like it or not. :-\

OMG. Cujo's out, but the new dog is in
GREAT. The NEXT DOOR neighbors just bought ANOTHER dog. Not only is it a yapper, but TODAY, for the FIRST TIME, I saw a freakin' FLEA in my townhome. OMG. NOOOO! No fleas!!! No g-nats! I squished it, but where there's one flea, there are hundreds. They're as bad as spiders (have you ever looked at one under a microscope? DiSGUSTING). So motivation has exponentially grown since I saw that lil thing jumping around my bedroom. Time to close the windows AGAIN. It is kinda chilly, but the fresh air is helping me breathe much better. :-/ *Peers into pineapple juice, praying I don't see a casualty flea*

For those who are coming from out of town
PLEASE PLEASE do not stress over this. Seriously. If you're sick, stressed, worried, nervous, upset, etc., please just wait before you show up. I honestly don't want ANYONE in my position right now, and you're going to end up like me. All of the out of state help is SO appreciated, nay, needed; but I don't want it to cost you your health, well-being nor qualities of life. Mkay? Also CHARGE YOUR CELL PHONES. :)

FedEx chick
She showed up, came in and took a lil break. It was neat :) I told her that FedEx ruled, and how I loathed UPS. This is when she imparted the secrets to their success; they're UNION. They get paid more, and don't deliver as good service. Plus, firing one of 'em is like trying to lose a government employee *sigh.* So...Fedex employees get paid LESS for better service. Tis a shame. She also told me that I wouldn't be on her route anymore *pouts,* and would miss me. :( Awwwwww. I likes my FedEx girly. So she hugged me and left. It was sweet. :D In some kind of delivery thing hugging goodbying kinda way. :D

Okay. I'm going to worry about this uber expensive cap and what to do. Steady E is calling his ortho to see what he might be able to do; but I canNOT afford this RIDICULOUS EXPENSE!!!! UNREAL.



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