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Neighbors, ex-employees and friends...oh my!

Eh. What happened to my original plan of taking it easy to lose the headache?! *toilet flushing sound inserted here*

But FIRST...hahahahaha
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Got phone calls from landlady, Steady E., Lori (A's mom), and Michael, one of my former employees, all of which took up some time. I was soo happy to hear Michael had found a position with a fairly large company here. He was always one of my favorite employees at the now defunct(ky?) company. Of course, we were two of the only three inter-office employees. He asked me what was going on wit me, and I gave him the Cliff Note's version, afterwhich he wanted to -- you guessed it -- come over and 'make sure I'm okay.' Umm...I'm okay NOW. GAH. Michael misses me :D I've always had close rapport with former employees; and that screwed up company was no exception. One of my former associate editors -- who I hired out of college -- is now working for a huge ad firm and making six figures a year. He e-mailed me pics of his little girl (OMG...he's a DAD...NOOO), and assured me life was good. So I've gone through a lot of nostalgia today. Weird, that it would happen all on the same day...?

I played Battleship with K and A today, just to take my mind off serious things. Err...A's biggest mistake when playing with K is that she underestimates K's ability to recognize patterns quickly, and also her analytical skills. Heh. K IS a mathematician, after all. When *I* play her, I randomly place my battleships in a nonsensical way, just HOPING she won't catch on. She usually nails me at this one, though. :P

Lori showed up, and stayed for a small visit, asking about what happened the day I had the heart attack. As I recanted the story (as best as I remembered it), she started crying. OMG. I felt awful. I hugged her, and told her that really, everything was VERY GOOD and that I was absolutely fine. Fortunately (as I'd told her), I still keep a hard copy journal. So if I DO die like that, or quickly, K will be able to see that I do feel good about who I am, the decisions I've made and that I have NO regrets. I realize that THIS journal will one day simply drift away into cyberspace. But my hard copies - which I've kept since I was a little girl - will tell my daughter the story of my life. I think the fact that I rubbed up so close to my own mortality and reconciled life with death scared Lori a little bit, and that's what made her cry =\ I think all parents should at least prepare themselves for this, so that if something happens, their children will have messages to which they can defer, and realize that " felt good about him/herself, and this is not a bad thing, but part of the life cycle." I do realize how close I came, especially the first night I was there. You have time to scurry around in your head and think. You don't abuse this time, as you feel it could be limited. Truth comes in waves, and washes over you, setting you free. There's nothing sad about it. In fact, it almost feels like a test run...or something. But enough of that; this is bordering on morbidity. :)

The visit was fun, and then K and A zipped off. Uh...they both had to change clothes TWICE because they decided it would be fun to get a box and SLIDE DOWN A HILL ON IT. OMG. Both of them were all muddied up. I asked K if she wanted to do the She said of course, but after she 'made lunch' for herself and guest, I'm thinking that 11 isn't old enough after all to take on big-girl responsibilities :) It was cute, however, watching K and A puzzling over the instructions, and being all domestic. Like an old married couple, they were. Funny :) I told Lori about it, and she laughed. She's taking them shopping this afternoon, and asked me if it was okay if she bought K some 'matching PJs' for Tuesday's Pajama Party at school. K vehemently protested; first, she didn't want LORI spending money; second, she didn't want ME writing Lori a check. GADS. I told her that we BOTH WANTED THEM TO, and convinced her it was okay. Indeed, I'm fortunate to have a child who's completely selfless and not greedy. Almost TOO humble most of the time. Hm.

Allrighty; I can feel that the headache's NOT going away, and I'm not going to accomplish a thing today. No, I don't feel bad about it (since I did finish up with Mozart; he was too easy to research, and his burial was depressing). So...Imma gone hop in bed and PRAY that this headache just goessss away. I'd turn the phones off if K wasn't gone. But since she is, I'll have to take my chances =\ =/

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