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It ain't gonna be purty...

EH GADS. How to say what's been going on in this journal without first, boring everyone to tears, boring ME to tears, and revealing very sensitive information to one or more (or none) readers who might be following me closely on the internet?

The Cliff Notes version is even lengthy. Let's say I'm lucky to not be dead or in the hospital and leave it at that. I have made a command decision that NPC1 will NEVER be talked about after this entry for many reasons. Number one, he's lived with a 20-year-old for a year, all the while begging me to be 'his true wife' and going out of his way to find out information on my goings on. Two, he lies...OMG. Not just that, but with such magnitude that I've never before witnessed. He's assured me he's going to be admitted into a hospital, but it is NOT because I'm working on 'us'. It IS for his daughter. He's been there before (of course, I knew nothing of this before), but THIS time, I'm going to keep close tabs with the doctor. The aforementioned girl -- even though she said she used him, and could care less -- is very hurt over the whole thing. She spent the entire weekend talking to me on the phone, and I almost felt GUILTY for what HE did to her. Geez. Somebody slap me.

Thank GOD I've protected K throughout this whole ordeal. When I first realized that NPC1 had serious issues, out he went. Since he makes it literally impossible to make it legal, I have, to a certain degree, tolerated him, as long as he's remained 'friendly, non-invasive, non-intrusive and benign.' Now that I've spent hours listening to details from this girl, EVERYthing makes sense. All the holes have been filled (aren't they usually?), and all of his paranoia and projection were because of what HE was doing. How psycho is that???????

It is almost laughable NOW, but I know how manipulative he can be...and how much damage he's caused to OTHERS.

Enough said about all that. Right now, I'm in shock and trying to recover from all of it. I've officially resigned my position on the family board (I feel like I'd be a hypocrite at this point), and have made command decisions about the unrealistic overtime I've been putting in at work. And now, the familynet's webmaster is online, and wants to chat. I've sent him mail, citing the reasons why I don't want to host that page anymore; however, he won't let me 'out'. Each time I ask, or inquire 'how to close it down, without too many people freaking out' he says 'gotta go.' LORDY.

Work? Let's not go there, either. No more 60-70 hour work weeks. I was literally living in the office, and cannot keep up that pace, particularly now. K deserves better, *I* deserve better. And I refuse to be a slave, particularly when my well-thought-out advice is either discarded, or taken credit for by a MAN. GAHHHHHHH! Girls can I get a "helllll yeah?" MEN! Not that I'm a femi-nazi, but I'm damn sure coming close to it at this point.

Fortunately, I do work with a couple of guys who make my life not only more interesting and safe, but who I know I can trust implicitely. One makes me laugh :) Always a good quality. The other is quiet and protective. I always feel safe around him, like no one can hurt me in ANY way, and that he'd do anything -- kill or die -- to make sure of it. They might not be CEOs, doctors, or NASA engineers, but they're loyal and wonderful to be around. And right now, I need all the support I can get. For years, I've given and given...without ever expecting anything in return. It is so refreshing to know that there ARE those out there who give back, and with their entire hearts. Enough for now. The familynet webmaster IS iming me, and I need to get to work (ask about my car later...ugh).

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