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Ooookay...yeah, allrighty; whatever THAT said. :D

pink passion

Your Passion is Pink!

You're a bit innocent when it comes to sex.
Not that you're not experienced...
You've just prevented your heart from being corrupted.
You're passionate, but it takes a while for your colors to deepen.

What Screwy Result THIS Time?

That made all kinds of sense...NOT
At least that quiz chick is toning down the quizzes a bit, so we don't have to open our journals in fear that some nakey body part will spring out on us. Heh. :)

Bonus K Day
Yay! K and I have been cooking, doing laundry, and experimenting with the scary Dishmaster (or goofing off; however you wanna look at it :D). Took a bunch of cool digital pics of her. *Sob* My computer BITESSSS. Going to try and use the dreaded laptop and see if it'll load the software :D I'm glad she called, and talked her dad into giving me a few hours on his weekend with her :) :) It sorta feels like receiving flowers, or a surprise in the middle of the week when you least expect it. We're about to embark on a fierce game of Scrabble. Muhahaha. I have no doubt she'll smoke me on any mathematical game; thus, I'm being evelllll to increase my chances of winning. Heh. I'm kidding. Or something. Hey, hey! It's QUALITY TIME!! :D

T2, wo est du? Loveeee the C.D.!!

Allrighty. Back to my spawn, before her dad picks her up. Nada much I want to update, except that it's beautiful outside, and I'm with my sweet, little baby :) :)
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