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My intentions were good; workin' on pavin' that road straight back door. :D

...unless you count just playing, goofying off and relaxing as an achievement, which in my case probably could be. :D

Bizarre monkey action goin' on
Junk food, movies and playin' fun games was the lineup, and somewhere in all there, I think I was gonna get something done. Ehhhh. What happened to all that? Heh. I did get rid of A's smell outta K's little area (was kinda loud...errr...yikes), and had a good time laffin' and goofin' off with monkey boy :D :D :D Of course, we had to fight over a monkey; and heh...I won. Muhahaha. I've managed to stay in my pajamas since yesterday afternoon. WTH. I should be ashamed o myself, but I'm not.

Drama in my A.O.
Oh lord. So whilst awaiting monkey boy, the drug-dealing neighbor (I'm SURE he is...oh yeah), wandered over to my patio to 'introduce himself.' Er. I'm in no mood to 'meet' this kid, who I feel pretty sure is doing seedy thangs during the day. The true drama didn't unfold until this morning, when one of my other, female neighbors was heard loudly knocking, and screaming his name. I was on the patio, and looked over. She was angry, claiming he owed her $20 for gas (?), and decided to take off with this huge vacuum he had on his deck in payment. Heh. Of course, NO ONE was gonna call the police (or neither of them). She gets halfway up the sidewalk with it, and he finally comes out. She RUNS to stand in front of my patio, like I'm her freakin' guardian, and says "YOU'RE MY WITNESS!!" Uh. To what? Her stealing or trying to, a vacuum cleaner? He came out, yelling at her, and finally I'd had it, and yelled loudly BETWEEN them, and asked if they couldn't settle this little issue like adults, and without involving all of us in the neighborhood. Heh. Plus, I mentioned the little fact that er...they were both suspect and I'm SURE didn't want the police to show up. Yeah. At that particular moment, monkey boy shows up, and they scramble. UNREAL. GADS.

What's really frightening about this kid (other than having my drug-dealing suspicions confirmed by this chick) is the fact that all the blue hairs know him. He's very pleasant, and greets them warmly..."Hi, Ms. Jones!" So of COURSE they don't have a clue what he's up to. Grrr. However, after today, I'm going to find a diplomatic way to approach the board of directors. I don't care how 'secretive' he may or may not be; I'm not LIVING NEAR IT. PERIODDDD. He inherited this condo from his grandmom (he told me). He lives with another guy and this girl who's the sister of his ex-girlfriend. He told me that neither of them know he owns it, and both pay rent. Lovely. He's a real winner. Sadly, he looks like a normal, 23-year-old all-American boy. He's dangerous as far as I'm concerned (and DID yell a veiled threat to the chick this morning). lil mission is to clear that bit-o-trouble out of here, because I don't care that he's friendly to me, and likes me; I won't live near it. Bah! And the poor bluehairs have no clue that the reason why their lawn furniture is missing is NOT because of Mexicans; but probably because of his seedy associates. But I digress.

Wooo hoooo, the team's all here!
Yesterday, a group of about six baseball players (in uniform), came running down the stairs as I was walking my trash out. Oh lordyyyy. Cutie pies :) Jesssss. One of them whistled as they drove away, and I flewwwww back inside. Yikes. I hope none of them LIVE up there. :/ Heh. I've had my fill of dating baseball players, tank ewe. They look good in uniform, but dang...never trust a guy who shaves off all his body hair. That's all I'm sayin'.

This is NOT a dog park, peepal!!!
Mkay. It was bad enough that one woman likes to take my yard to make a shortcut whilst walking her dog. But NOW, this is the third day in a row that three different guys have started walking their dogs through the yard, too. Umm...I live here! I'm not just visiting. GAWD. I feel nervous just getting undressed in my own bedroom :/ :|

Anyhoo, those are the Cliff Notes of the past and a half? Mebbe. Twas fun, funny and relaxing :D But for some odd reason, I thought today was Saturday. Ehhh! Tomorrow's a werk day! EEeee.

That is all.

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