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George Balanchine's "The Nutcracker"

Yessssss! I've been invited to see George Balanchine's dancers perform 'The Nutcracker.' It should be awesome! He's known for being sooo very picky of whom he chooses to dance, so the performance should be outstanding. A company which I've done some freelance for (or specifically, one of its employees) offered me tix to go with. :D I'm so excited! K wanted to go see it, when I mentioned it to her, so I'm going to try and get two extra tickets for tomorrow night. We'll see. I even get to dress up! The last time I went to a Christmas function with this company, it was awesome. We had primo seats up front, and watched the Alabama Symphony perform a Christmas Concerto. :)

If my KNEES would just give me a break, I'll survive. But OMG, they hurt. This weather...help! They feel like two balls of pain, running all the way up to my hipbones. Ugh.

A hot bath and heating pad later...

GEEZ. My legs are hurting SOOO bad. I'll end up in a wheelchair by next year...rollin' rollin' rollin'...


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