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So much for that lil update...gads

Weellll, my intentions were good. The upswing of my NOT rushing up to update the journal is that I'm living life, getting out of the house and even mingling a little bit.

Called poor MB, who's been working seriously late hours, and left message for deenar. Was at the store and planned on cooking out, since my neighbors tortured me last night with the smell :) I paid them back tonight. Muhahaha :D Yums. Did my usual fly-by at the store, forgot a WHOLE buncha things, and managed to escape with only two conversations. :D Wooo. Even washed my carra when I got home :D I be so proud of me :) It's all clean and smells like Jasmine inside. I'm stylin' now that it looks shiny black, instead of pollen-infested green.

Kids in da hood
While preparing the grill, and sweeping off the patio, two little boys were wandering around. Er...I needed those boxes dragged to the dumpstah. I elicited their help; one boy was black, the other white. Greedy little bastidge!! The black boy REFUSED to take any money offered after he did me a BIG favor, and I rationalized that he did a job for me and earned this money. Eh...weirdness ensued (doesn't it always?). His mom called on the cell he had, and we chatted. Seems her bro is the owner of the newspaper which I had lunch with not too long ago (yeah, hammer03; it's a SMALL werld! :) She's stopping by to chat probably sometime tomorrow. I told the boy's mom how great he was, flat-out denying the money until I forced him to take it. She should be proud. I imagine this is what K would do, too. These boys DID save me a lot of 'over-exertion.' There's that.

Stares at new puter I can't use
*pouuuuuuuuut* I'm sure I've mentioned my monitor dilemma by now. :/ REALLY bites. I have uber technology at my fingertips and YET...

Much too tired to write all of today down, and should be asleep by now. I know! I'll blame it allllll on MB. Heh.



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