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Happy Gilmore in da Hizzouzzz...heh. [EDIT: K art!]

K, bein' all serious...

...and sultry?!?! No wonder she
got 100 in drama... :)

Little iconish versions :D

Nappin', and readin'

Baggar Vance da name. Pleased to meetcha.
Hehehehehe. I walked outside, thinking that K (or her best friend's mom) just pulled up into one of the MANY parking lots around me, and out of the corner of my eye, saw this movement behind the bushes across the parking lot. Some goofy guy wearing a polo shirt with khaki shorts was hiding behind a row of tall bushes, and working on his golf swing with no balls. BWAHAHAHAHAHA. Heh. Okay. I'm WAY TOO easily amused. I couldn't HELP but laugh, so I flew into the house, hoping he wouldn't see or hear me laugh. Gawd. Yeah, you'd have to see it to appreciate it. :D

It's just so HAPPY here
Ja. There's that. I loveeeee the 'back way' drive into my new place. It's almost like driving through Oak Mountain. I love the tree frogs and crickets at night; I love to hear the high school band rehearsing in the afternoons, the deep, rhythmic bass drums; the neighbor who plays trumpet every afternoon, which reminds me of New York City; the smooth, yet not-quite-there sound of the oldsmobuicks gliding quietly into their respective parking spots. The fireflies. And let's not forget about our finely-manicured lawns :D I love being here. The sounds, smells, and well...yeah. Everything about it. The longer I've been here, the happier I get. Or it could be because psycho's out; and even though he's reading, he's shutting his yap. Thank GOD for five-oh ;) :) :D

SE bein' obstinant
Have been checking on SE after his surgery. I'm kinda worried. He seems overly sad, but won't discuss it so I don't force the issue. Why is he sad? I'd invite him to dinner, but er, he's a vegetarian., no. That wouldn't be any fun. When I go to the store, though, I always call to see if he needs anything and he ALWAYS says no. Hm. He's a grownup. I should probably mind my bidness. :P

Another girly fest
Ohhh yeah. This weekend is gonna be another one like the one before it; two giggly girls who won't sleep, eat everything, and whisper alot. This time, however, I'm gonna force A to take a shower EVERY DAY SHE'S HERE. I'm NOT going through that process again. Ehh. Yikes. My nose is too sensitive to deal with those smells :/ :\ So...showers/baths will be MANDATORY. Tonight, no less. Or I'll throw her in the pool. :) Lori (her mom) invited me to play 'young chick fun Bingo' or, 'naughty' Bingo with her and her single girlfriends. I'm not thinking I NEED any Or whatever. Plus, it's kinda wrong about playing Bingo in a bar. Just like playing Bingo at WalMart and YET...Heh. Yeah. Just say no to Bingo. :D :D

I'm thinking that K and A act like an old married couple. Too funny. I'm gonna get some digital pics of them this weekend *nods.* I have some of K; but...yeah, this is a piece of sheize and I can't get 'em on here. Grrr. I have to use THREE computers to work on a pic. There's nothing right about that. All three computers *might* equal one, in other words, since they're so old and the technology, antiquated. Sorta like me and my insides :) Or something.

Back to the stoe I'll goe
Now I have to rethink my shopping decisions, due to both of them, and the fact that they're outta school tomorrow. They need kid snacks, even if I DO buy healthy. Eee *eyeballs checking account.* I need to be careful :/ And Christmas is coming up SO QUICK. ACK. Time to enter another poetry contest, I think. Hm.

Note to readers: Someone inspire/motivate me!!

They should be here soon, so Imma gone wrap this up for the nacht. We'll be going 90 to nothing when they first get here, so I need to don my bullet-proof vest, helmet, goggles and hang on to the super soaker just in case :D

That is all.

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