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Chill at da corner just one time...[edit]

I knew today was gonna be rough, since I barely slept. It was more of an exaggerated nap, really. Should've just stayed awake instead of trying. Struggling to stay focused and optimistic (for the girlies). Hard, hard. I need a head rub *pout.* Eh, no...I need a good night's sleep. A's dad is showing up for a surprise visit, and should've been here at 2. But plans changed, and now she and K are...*cough* standing in about 12 inches of water in the bathtub, in some desperate ploy to win my sympathy and let them 'break in' to the pool. It ain't werkin.' :)

Stick a fork in me, cuz I'm DONE
Can't take the monitor no mo, and the phones aren't helping, either :/ Not feeling great today, but I'm sure it's due to lack of sleep. I have no energy, and worse -- I'm out of pineapple soda, pineapple sherbet, and pineapple slices. Eeks. Not good! I'm rethinking that whole caffeine thing; I miss it. :I Surely, it can't hurt me. It's not like the doctor said no more caffeine. Hm. I'd be bouncin' off the walls if I had one cup. However, I'm not soon forgetting the little incident with the ONE cup of coffee I had a few weekends ago. Yikes. Scary schtuff. Heh. That did it. The urge has passed :)

So my nose is cold...
...and I'm thinkin' that the girls should be comfortable. OH NO. THEY'RE HOT. Well, if I was bouncing off the walls, screaming, jumping and spying on 'those cute boys across the street,' I'd probably feel hot, too. I'm going to give in and turn the air on, even though the breeze is doin' the job in here. Gr. Is it BEDTIME YET? >:I

Ba ha! After the standing in the tub looking pitiful trick, I got the icepick, loaded up a huge pitcher of water, and told both of them to lean over K's sink. Heh. Now, they're freezing to death :) That'll teach them. I'm sure they were expecting me to give them a nod to hop in the pool. Uh...I'm pretty sure I'd be fined for that :/ I don't think so. Now they're both wet heads, having evil thoughts about the clean, crystal blue pool that doesn't looked closed, but is. It's not WARM enough. What's wrong with 'em?

Those utilities skeer moi
Mkay. Now that I know who reads, when, from where, how...and often, why, I'm going to make a serious effort to NOT watch the stats. Not only do I get the percentages of certainty of each visitor's location, but a map. It's REAL scary that er...well, I won't say who, but one lives about .5 miles away from me. In other words, I could hit him with a rock. And if you're reading this, you freaking daffodil, get a LIFE. It's bad enough that *I* move, and so does he, just like before. Plus, the good judge's son just can't help himself. Yep. Every day, often four-five times a day. Unreal.

Another creeped out thing is the fact that um...yeah, there are people I know reading this who don't know that *I* know (but should now). One guy, who I've never met in person but have been dealing with for three years in a volunteer position, went through this morning and read every entry I made. I don't know why this creeps me out, but in a way, it does. Again, this is a journal. And some people, I don't mind reading it. But...I'm not going to feel guilty because I'm making some journal entries, recovering from a heart attack and a move at the same time, starting a new job, stressin' over a monitor, and now, worried about other responsibilities. I just can't. And now I'm worried he'll read this. What's wrong wit me? :) Besides the obvious, that is... :) Er...and the fact that it STILL maps me to their homes doesn't make me feel better :/ Way too tempting, especially in Birmingham.

Again, I'm not mentioning names. God bless Tex-ass; cuz GAWD knows the Texans (especially in Houston...yeah, you) visit WAY too often. And Washington, too. WAY TOO OFTEN. There's nothing here to read, peepal!!! Go awayyyyyyyyyyyyy! Are you guys trying to piece together a puzzle? Learn something about me? I mean, we all know that I lock up a lot of entries. The 'public' ones won't be very telling. And I rarely do 'anything' halfway, meaning that I don't do many 'friend's only entries;' I'll either lock entries up just for me, or leave them wide open. So er...scoot offa my paga. Mkay? Otherwise, I'll think you're more of a freak than I do now. :) Or worse -- start mentioning you by name, and also put the number of times you 'hit' my journal.

HEY PEEPAL: My USERPAGE AIN'T CHANGING. There's no need to keep visiting it.

Weird, I tell you. Unless you guys are drooling over Dax, that is. LOL. Then, it's somewhat understandable (although you could go to his website and see alot more of him...). What's even creepier is that there are two people who visit two of my friend's friends pages every single day, all day. If you guys have an overwhelming desire to know who they are (and who you are) just ask, and I'll tell. It's creepy enough that they're reading your FRIEND'S pages; but tres creepier that they're visiting the comments sections, too, like they're 'worried' you're saying something. Bizarre. Ugh.

K & A all broken hearted
Poor things. Lori just picked A up, and they're all sad, clinging to each other. Very emotional. Heh. Of course, both were 'working' Lori and I, trying to find ways to be together all weekend long. K was obstinant, insisting that A stay here, while Lori tried to convince K to stay there. Um...I'm thinking they like being here more than there. No, I'm sure of it, even though I'm more strict, and don't have cable. Hmmm. I don't git it. But I AM all kidded out right now. Just listening to them makes me tired. Heh. Ahhh, the silence is beautiful. K's looking at the snapshots of she and A that they took last night :D Funny schtuff. :) Lori wants a copy burned onto C.D. so she can print and save some of A. I took a few good ones of them, but mostly they played with it. Used up two sets of batteries, and have 140 photos of them being goofy and 'posing.' LOL :)

I should've KNOWN there was a catch
And THAT would be Andrea's older brother, who's 15 years' old. Umhmmm! The truth, revealed! We walked Andrea and Lori out to the car, and there sat an incrediblyyyyyyyyy handsome kid (er...he looked 25 if he looked a day) in the front seat. Tall like his mom and Andrea, he was obviously K's type. Heh. He looked at me and waved, all grinning. We get inside the house, and the dialogue ensued:

K: "Mom? Andrea's brother is cute, huh."

Me: "Why yes, sweetie, he is cute. No more staying with Andrea!!!"

K: "Um. Okay. But he was looking at you. HE'S ONLY 15, MOM GAH."

Me: "K, what're you talking about? He's gotta be at LEAST 18 before *I* would go out with him *snickers.*"

K, all serious: "I saw him first. He's MINE. And I know he's too old for me, but when I'M 20, and HE'S 25, it won't make a difference."

Me, deciding to have a lil fun at her expense: "Yeah, well, he's NOT too old for ME...Muhahaha *laughin' all evil.* Although, in another year, he'll be of legal dating age, and hey! I DO look reallllllllll young for mine! I'M not gonna tell him how old I am!"

K: "YOU don't have to. I'm gonna do it as soon as I talk to him." HAHAHAHAH! She was staring at the screen playing a game as we held the conversation. OooOOo! She was being catty!!! Er...just because he LOOKED at me doesn't mean he GAWKED at me. K got a lil jealous! UH OH. WE DON'T NEED THAT. I assured her that she had nada to worry about (uhh...geez), and that not only was *I* too old for him, but HE was too old for HER. 'Nuff said about all that. But he is a cutie pie. :) When she's 21, maybe. :) The frightening thing about that whole conversation was the fact that my innocent, sweet, tomboyish child was being all catty! Nooo! I've raised her NOT to be that way! She did kinda smirk and smile after she said it; so I suppose that excuses her. Kinda. :)

Gettin' back to it
Allrighty...I've taken a long enough break, and now I have peace and quiet. Back to werk for moi. Or maybe I'll print off a couple of maps *eg.* :) Just. Plain. Mean.

Shoo. That's it.

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