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Nabisco Receives Complaints on Gorilla Cookie

HAAAAAAAAAAA. It is now out of morbid curiousity that compels me to buy the Nabisco animal crackers from our machine. Of course, you get ripped off; sometimes only 2 or three crusts of an unknown animal are in the aired-up bag. However, this morning when I purchased my daily bag (of course to count the Gorillas), there were none. Not one, boob-having, smiling, freaked-out gorilla in all the little leg crusts and other appendages in the whole, aired-up bag. What's up? Is Nabsico reading my journal? Hahahaha.

Yeah, so you THINK today's all fun and happy.

NOT. I hit the ground running and haven't stopped. ECH. Another dreary, cold day and disgruntled (lazy) employees o-plenty. Hello? Do they read the news? Unemployment's on the rise. It is an employer's market, and employers ain't happy. Now, they have the right to yell, right to 'send you home without pay', right to treat you like cheet. Of course, these guys' skulls are thick as theives (and they are, too). So I don't think they're getting it. A knock on the head isn't gonna deter them from their ominous path of non-money-making, riding-the-clock activities (in between drug binges). I say we send them all home, hire a brand new bunch, and start over. Okay, maybe not all of them; we have a couple who are sober and conscientous, but they're in the minority. :)

Meetings first thing. Redo billing before our main vendor starts its new computer system. Otherwise, we won't get paid for work done. EH GADS. Whyyyyyy o whyyyyy are we penalized for THEIR new computer system? LOL. :) It's allrighty with me. I think I got most of the orphans when an employee left billed out quickly. How much fun am I having doing this, crunching numbers, sending reports (many now), and ALSO focusing on marketing, smoothing over municipalities and utility top dawgs? Not much. I can't say I miss working on a magazine; but I can't say I'm jumping up and down with glee everyday, either. Left brain, right brain, switch switch switch. It's almost like playing ping pong by yourself. Or maybe it just seems that way to

DON'T MESS WITH ME! Horrible scope reveals alll...

According to my astrologer (hahaha), this is today's for me:

"Commnity spirit might be upstaged by individuality. Someone may not be acting rationally. There's no reason to hold a grudge, but you should remain cautious of alliances formed under these conditions."

I don't know how YOU interpret this, but I'm thinking that unless you approach me bearing gifts, being sweet and airything, I'll approach you BACK with knives and weaponry. :) In other words -- stay far away from me today because you're under suspicion cuz my horriblescope says so.

Okay...I'm through with the waiting game (for others), and have helped an employee straighten out his time issues (which is really an Arian nation foreman issue, who neglected to help out his fellow workers...we won't go there, but let's just say this guy lives in a house with wheels AND blocks, complete with dog and ugly wife...hahaha). Got it going onnnnnnnnnnnnnn, baby. Knock some more of those teeth out! Yep doggy.

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