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Promises to keep; and miles to go before I sleep

Eh gadssssssss what a day. K showed up early this a.m. Just couldn't wait to get here *grin.* Offfff we went (sorry, Chopper :( ... hope you got good rest that you desperately needed). We've been going non-stop all day, and just now slowed down.

First stop? Video Stoe
She was in an exceptionally smartaced snarky mood today, which of course makes her otherwise colorful character moreso. We decided that we'd get LOTR II for her. I was drooling with desire looking at the completely foreign selections, since it's been so long that we've gotten a new one. K comes sidling up next to me, with that smirk on her face, her ponytail slapping from behind the baseball cap, with an "I gotta funny secret" look goin' on.

K: "Mom? There's a grandpa back there, and he said - "I know what YOU need" (she was mimicking him, shoulders slumped, was hilarious), and I asked him "what?" and he said - "EIGHT...LEGGED...PHAREAKKKS!"" She bursts into gales of laughter and er, so did I as she continued telling me about the grandma who had the nerve to pick up "Matrix Reloaded", as if elderly people didn't like action movies. LOL. She said it scared her when he leaned down to LOUDLY ANNOUNCE this movie, and surprised her that his wife, the grandma, was considering "Matrix." Hahahahah. Er. Gotta love her. She's priceless.

The fun didn't stop there. She terrorized a couple of local DJs, when we went past Guthrie's, and made a woman want to give her her dog. :/ Umm...NO LIVING THINGS! GAH. The woman gave K her business card, which K has been flashing in my face ALL. DAY. LONG. reminding me that 'we can adopt an animal at any time...' and pouting. Lovelyyy. Then, she decided that walking in the grocery store was too much of a chore. At Publix, they have these weird carts with 'attachments' on the front that look like kiddie busses. It was too funny to see her big hiney sitting up front, and me pretending I wasn't looking and running her into walls :D Heh. No, I didn't actually make contact, but I got a few "MOMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!"s outta her. :D That'll teach her.

Er...greasestals, anyone?
Alllll that running around included a German bakery visit, and we won't even get into the fun she had there. I couldn't stop laughing. She was on a roll. :) And of course, I made short order of our deenar, by precipitously flipping our 'Bubba Burgers' before they were ready, losing half the beef on the hot coals :/ I realize now that I'll neverrrrrrrr live it down. And now that we've hit about every board game we own and played Life three times (in which she won, and gloated), I'm about ready to pass slap out. Of course we had some chair dancing going on, as we always do when one usurps the other. Heh. I accidentally hauled her a little too quickly, and she went flying into a wall :D *smirk.*

It's alllllllllll fun and games round here til someone loses an I. :) Now we're chillin' and rewatching an old movie, one that we both love and see at least once a week together. It's been a straight K day (with only one visit from a friend of mine and a friend of hers which lasted briefly). She's killin' moi. :) Now she's all propped up and acting a little too comfy in my bed...umhm. I know what she's angling for, and she's not gonna git it.

But she did bring in two Glad bags full of candy for me from her loot last night :D Of course, I got all the orange crappy chit that she won't eat, with the two Snickers thrown in for effect. Oh wait. She's reading over my shoulder now, and chastising me because "she threw some Skittles in there, too." Um...should I remind her that SHE likes those? LOL. After today, I need a serious vacation. Or something.

Going to curl up with my leetle baby now. Everyone be good :D

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