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Eh?! This is REALLY confusing, if you've taken the OTHER compatibility tests. [edit]

SimilarMinds Compatibility Results
terribastedo |||||||||| 100% ||||||||| 92%
atlasimpure ||||||||| 90% |||||||| 82%
adora_endymion ||||||| 74% |||||||| 82%
erik_the_viking ||||||| 68% |||||||| 80%
brutus_007 ||||||| 71% |||||| 56%
dawna |||||| 56% ||||||| 71%
similarity complementarity  
How compatible are you and your friends?

Hereeeeee we go again
Ahhh yeah. More confusing test results. :/ If dawna and I typically score WAY high on OTHER tests, then what's the deal with this one? Is it an emotional E.Q. thing or what?

Live and die by this un
Called SE to see how he's doing. It was allll nice and calm (although he was hyper, having just gotten off work) until the subject turned to politics and then serious issues associated with certain parties. Um...never ever NEVER have these conversations with anyone unless you're prepared to fight til you're blue in the face. I've alway steered clear of these, and YET...from outta the blue, SE and I get into this little discussion-turned-argument about all sorts of things, even though we vote similar tickets. Riddle me THAT. I'm tellin' ya...I was just calling to make sure he was okay. And he whipped that conversation around at breakneck speed, turned it into 'me' and what I SHOULD BE doing to 'extort more money from the government.' I'm sorry -- but if I'm not laid up and totally crippled, I'm not going to take one dime from the government to which *I* pay taxes than what I feel I've earned in some way or another. He feels I SHOULD. By doing this, I'd be doing what every OTHER governmental-funding extortionist does; just like people who sue for the most ridiculous reasons. I won't do it. Not now, not everrrrrrrrr. So I had to diplomatically end that conversation (after him telling me "I told you three times!!!". SO?! Just because you TOLD me doesn't make it true. Some things, we have to decide for ourselves, based on personal experiences. Grr. I won't even get into the nature of what was discussed (because I KNOW how it'll be hopped on in here, too). Heh. I don't think so. There'll be no pot shots taken at moi because of *my* beliefs. That's the beauty of our constitution, right?! We can believe what we want, have the freedom to do this, and shouldn't be deterred from what we believe because someone raises their voices higher than ours. And that's that. I think he was more frustrated that he couldn't sway me into believing what he does. But he DOES have a polarized view of the aforementioned subject, and should be the LAST person to be making those type judgments/decisions. It ain't our job to judge, amigos. There's that.

Mia madre
She went in for cancer screening, after having gone through chemo (unbeknownst to ME until recently). Came out clean, thank goodness. I knew something was up; she never calls unless something serious is goin' on. They also got their flu shots today (she and my dad). Yeah! That's another thing I really don't buy in to. How do they KNOW what strain of flu we might be exposed to?! Ehhh? They don't! :P My poor dad. He'll end up WITH the flu due to the innoculation. *I* always did, which is why I stopped getting one.

Speaking of viruses and evilness...
Downloaded Adware today, and lo and behold! Spyware was trying to crawl all over my shiite. I KNEW it. Felt it, and definitely suspected it, when AOL prompted my computer to 'locate the modem' AGAIN. Umhmm. STAY AWAY FROM MY COMPUTER. MKAY? 'Nuff said. All the little buggers have been stomped out and will continue to be as long as I continue running this free software. Norton's didn't catch it, ironically. Eh...nothing's infallible.

K cuteness
She's doing well, and messaged me earlier with the most HEINOUS instant message sound, uh, ever. Hilary Duff (whoever THAT is) was singing OO YEAH every time she messaged me. GrrRRrr. Mkay...I'm guilty for using the "mooo" sound; but at least that's a cute one. Hearing some prepubescent chick screaming OOO YEAHH every time you're messaged, irritating. ACK. She changed it back to her original one, after I complained for about five minutes, speed typing her into submission. Muhahaha. My ex sister-in-law has a turkey; and EVERY time she signs online, I hear this turkey gobble. She's on and off all. day. long. OMG. I'm going to have to reset to default, or no sounds at all. Someone else has kids laughing LOUDLY whenever they sign on and off. ACK. It's scary. HOLD ME! Heh.

Mkay, angelsdust, it's time for a visit!
Git your hiney down here, woman. Gah. I done tole ya that you'd be in man eutopia...geez. :P Sorta like an 'all you can eat but really don't wanna' buffet thing going on in this state. HELP. RUN. It's that time of year, and no woman's safe. Okay, pillsbury is, because, well, no one in their right MIND would touch that shiite. Heheh. OMG. Look up grotesque in the dictionary, and there she'll be, rumpled clothes, nasty hair, and unkempt, redneckedness all over the place. Eeee. And she WREAKS. It ain't purty.

Try to attack my uber cyber walls, and I will hunt you down
There's that. Although, it seems that Adware is 'reporting' my IP tracking (thanks, that a bad thing? LOL). :) I think that one is a double-edged sword.

Back to it.
Not nearly through for today, but took a lil break. I need a VACATION after that conversation with SE. He *almost* sounds like BS (who I haven't heard hide nor hair from in a couple of months; which means he has a girlfriend or something). Heh. This is fine with moi. Now it's back to another grind, where I don my editor's cap and get my thang on.

Everyone be good to each other. :)

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