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Eheheheh. It's all startin' to make sense [update tres]

SimilarMinds Compatibility Results
terribastedo |||||||||| 100% ||||||||| 92%
biogeek ||||||||| 87% ||||||||| 92%
wbahner ||||||||| 85% ||||||||| 90%
love2ski ||||||||| 91% |||||||| 83%
atlasimpure ||||||||| 90% |||||||| 82%
bitersweetheart |||||||| 83% |||||||| 78%
adora_endymion ||||||| 74% |||||||| 82%
erik_the_viking ||||||| 68% |||||||| 80%
brutus_007 ||||||| 71% |||||| 56%
dawna |||||| 56% ||||||| 71%
similarity complementarity  
How compatible are you and your friends?

Haaaaaaa! That makes a buncha sense for many reasons on different levels. :)

I'm just warning yous up with MORE of your *%#&*@($# faces in icons and those of you who love yourselves way too much? I'll drop you like a hot potato. The end.

Got an early morning wake up call, rise and shine, get to WORKKKKKKKK. Ack. Slept fitfully last night for the second night night in a row. I don't get it. I go to bed early, so I should be sleepin' all night. :I Now I feel all groggy, and my world seems slightly askew.

Note to anyone who reads it: Publix' brand version of pineapple sherbet is mucho better than Bluebell's.

Hard to believe, but it's true. Um...then again, I think I'm the only person on earth to eat the schtuff so... :) And I had about a half gallon last night. Heh. And I wonder why I can't sleep. Muhahahaha. :)

Mkay, back to it. I'm busy and peculiarly hungry, so I'm gettin' back to it.

What're you lookin' at? <--ending sentence in preposition...bite moi

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