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Same is it ever was...same is it ever was...*singin' along* [Edit]

Today was a 'work with the kid' kinda day; it was neat, because it wasn't dissimilar to working with other adults, in lieu of working solomente uno. She was on one puter doing her little thing, and I was on mine. :D She created an unbelievable spreadsheet by herself that would put most of my friends to SHAME. Then, she laid out the front page of a newspaper, complete with bylines, headlines, photographs and cutlines!! Velly implessive! I told her I'd clean it up for her, but honestly she intuitively knows what goes where, when and why. Wow. Most journalists can't do that. :D

My little co-worker, K
She was also helpful to me today. I didn't have to keep getting up to search for documents (which are spread out all over the place). She'd find 'em for me. Yay! I'm allll in favor for the excessive holiday bit if it means I get good K time, and we also get to werk together :D Impressive :) I'd hire her in a heartbeat.

What's UP with the jeep action?
For the past three hours at least, five guys have been standing outside in the parking lot looking under the hood of an older jeep, as if they've never SEEN an engine before. Uh...what're they looking at?? And why o why!? I could throw a rock and hit 'em. And each time I sneak a glance, SOMEONE'S looking. I'd close the blinds, but it feels soooo good out there, that I'm enjoying the weather, staring or no. :) It's part of the baseball playing fraternity. Who else? It's funny watching the elderly women walking their catlike dogs (not one of them owns a real dog), and sneaking a peek at the sessay guys. LOL. Er...just cuz they're old doesn't mean they don't LOOK. Let's think about 'dirty old men' for a sec. Same thing, only women peak later than guys do. Heh. LUCKY THEM. MUHAHAHAHA! Oh they have their flashlights out...lolol. What. Are. They. DOING? Eh...not my bidness.

Mkay...maybe the service doesn't, cuz the chick behind the counter was SO FARGIN CLUELESS. But the food was incredible. The ONLY chicken I've had that tasted that good was my own. So we ordered 12 chicken fingers and a side of fries. When she told me the amount, I thought: "Eh gads...that sounds excessive" and started trying to do the math (bwahahahaha...yeah). UH. EXCHOOSE ME? BUT AIN'T THAT A LIL HIGH? I brought it to her attention, asked her what was UP with that, and she looked and said..."Woopsie! I rang up 12 FRIES instead of 12 fingers! Yeah...she said woopsie. I KNEW K would have a 'look' on her face, and when I turned around, sure enough she much so that I almost died laughing. I KNOW my face was red, trying to contain myself. LOLOLOL. Finally the owner/manager got sick of her efforts, and ran from behind the cook area, snatched the ticket out of her hand and did it himself.

Note to self #87: Do not everrrrrrrrr bring K INSIDE to order CARRY OUT ever again.

Heh.'s bad enough when we go OUT. She never gets busted; but I *always* do. LOL. :) Plus she antagonizes it by getting that 'look' that makes me first laugh, then look, then REALLY LAUGH or hold it in to the point of physical pain. Eh heh. However, the chicken fingers were absolutely the best I've ever had hand's down. I dunno if they were worth what we paid for them, though. But yummmm. Ja, I know that fried shiite ain't good for me. Gotta break the rules SOMEtime; otherwise, life'll get kinda dull, non?

Fit as a fiddle can be
Today is perhaps the first day since I got outta the hospital that I've actually felt good. No trouble breathing, no chest pain, no knees aren't even bothering me. It's a fluke! It's GOTTA be. Maybe K's energy rubbed off on me and by virtue of her presence, I had a good Ter day. Whatever the case, I feel NORMAL. NOOOOOOOO! SAY IT AIN'T SO. Not running a fever...throat doesn't Yikes. So maybe I should be nervous about this.

Wrapping it up, calling it 'A Day'
Had a bunch of running around to do, and again poorly planned my driving timing. Ech. I've been WAY busy and going non-stop since I got up this a.m. It's now 5:20, and I have NO idea where the time went. I do know, however, that if I don't message back angelsdust she's gonna blow a gasket. Muhahahah.


We also washed the car today right before her dad got here (we didn't get the overnight like we thought :I I'm a little bummed about that). She kept 'missing' and 'hitting' me with the hose. NOT FUNNY. She didn't 'accidentally' do that; it was o so intentional. It looked like we were having a wet t-shirt contest, and the REAL SAD thing is she would've won. Er...she's 11. HELP.

K is convinced that she's Jamaican. Hahahahhaha. All day, she's been speaking with a Jamaican accent, claiming that she's from the 'iiilands, mon' and telling me that the reason they overcharged us at Guthrie's was because 'they didn't like Jamaicans.' Hahahahah.'d have to have been with us to appreciate it. I think she's seen Gross Human Anatomy one too many times, and Dr. Banumbra has finally gotten to her. LOLOLOL. Everything I asked was answered with a "Because we're Jamaican" or "well, that's how it's done in my MOTHERLAND, JAMAICA." LOLOL. *cough* Sorry. It was hilarious though. Of course, when she left with her dad, I forgot about it until she messaged me to remind me that I'm Jamaican and should be proud of that. HAHA.

Wilco. That is all.
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