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It's officially COLD.

Time to shut the windows until Spring. Yesterday's hard, warm breeze that rocked the condos turned into today's immobile blanket of cold. My joints cry for help, and my head is pounding. Always with the change in seasons I go through this; so I know it's just a phase. Otherwise, I'd hafta fling myself from the window.

Ja. So those are the plans for tonight, which might very well turn into a 48-hour fest :D With many movies and lots of snacks at the very least. Had promised to go to the store, but I believe I'll send my friend out to grab stuff for us. My head still hurts bad enough to where I don't trust myself behind the wheel of a car. And I'm sure my knees won't appreciate all that gear-shifting.

For some reason, I had the oddest desire to call someone today. Got a bad feeling about them, or some premonition that something's going to happen. No, didn't make the phone call but wouldn't be surprised if THEY called ME, to tell me what happened. I hope I'm wrong; I'm usually not in cases like these :/ Got the ESPn kicked into high gear. If it's a gift, it's one I'd gladly give back, even though sometimes I can intuit good things. Ack. I think too much. Another thing to pile onto a nice lil headache. I hope this person does read this, and takes precautions to protect themselves as much as possible tonight. The aforementioned reads my journal every day; so hopefully, this won't be lost. That's 'bout all I can say about that.

Cleepy movies and wings
The joy! That's the order for the night (just got off the phone with friend). Yummm. Barbeque wings :D Delish. Scary movies, my fave. All is well in da household. It's nice and chilly, but I've already put the heating blanket with dual controls under the fitted sheet, and dressed it with flannels. Jeeesssssss. It is the insomnia bed, guaranteed to put even me to sleep (well that, and an infinite head rub *grin*). It's a pajama party, and I'm looking forward to the peace, quiet and good company.

K project
I think K's supposed to come over at some point this weekend so we can finish her newspaper project. She's already set up the layout and design, photographs to accompany each story, and has written the body. Now it just needs to be cleaned up with cutlines. Gooo K! She could probably finish it at her dad's; but this was something that she and I felt was special to work on together. I'm holding my breath over this one. :I

Time to get comfy
It's a done thing. Already in my warmest -- yet sultry -- jammies, and ready for a slumber party :D We stocked up on ice cream and popcorn, too (things *I* would've forgotten at the stoe; we knows how I am). Yummm. Vanilla Bean ice cream! Pineapple sherbet! We've even replenished the jar of peanuts K and friends wolfed down last weekend. Schnack time!

Hope yous guys have a great weekend. It's unlikely I'll update, and if I do, it'll be a hit-and-run like this one. Be careful, alles.

Happy traaaaaails to eweeeeeee...untilll we meeet againnnn *sangin'*


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Nov. 14th, 2003 09:01 pm (UTC)
What do "sultry jammies" look like?
Nov. 14th, 2003 09:36 pm (UTC)
Your woman gets the Victoria's Secret catalogues like *I* do about five times a month. They have MANY sultry-yet-comfy jammie selections :D Just gotta catch a good sale :)
Nov. 15th, 2003 02:07 am (UTC)
I wuv you!
<333 sara
Nov. 15th, 2003 06:54 am (UTC)
Eh gads, woman.
You're not obligated to read! LOL :D

I could tell by your post you must've had some fun...or somethin'. :D ;)
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