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Luff can't pay the rent

Super K, aka Crusty, is definitely taking advantage of my affection for her. She's been overly clingy tonight, and even tossed her favorite bear off the bed in a ploy to keep me there >:o I explained that I have mucho to do; and we needs our sleeps. Whenever Crusty gets really sleepy, her eyes turn really light, with dark circles around the iris'. Ja...she's real sleepy, and muy obstinant.

Dashing about like a crazed wo-man
That encapsulates most of the latter part of this afternoon/nacht. Crusty, food, Frances, unboxing Crusty's room...convincing her she's NOT Jamaican, and then watching her beat. my. butt. in Bejeweled. ACK. Two games I'm NOT gonna play against her -- Bejeweled nor Battleship. Hm...both start with 'B.' No more B games! Heh. Can't have her whopping up on me all the time. I don't even let her win.

Crazed elderly wandering 'round my yard
AIITE. I'VE HAD IT. Some of these older women are really creeping me out wandering around my yard. No kidding. Where are they going?! Look at what time it is! Why don't they walk during DAYLIGHT? Uh...I'm skeert. Since I sat down to jot these notes, three elderly women (seperately) have tromped past my window. I'M SICK OF ITTTTTTTTTTT. This is NOT a 'walking park' for dogs, cats, or PEEPAL. I'm edgy anyway. Hearing the crunch of leaves outside my window does NOT make me happy. :/ Then, I see blue hair glistening under the lampposts. Heh. Gah. Lookin' fer love. Only there ARE no older men; just WO-MEN.

Le phone conversation with T-rex
On the way to carpool, T-rex and I discussed last night. Eeehhh! Although it was innocent (yet unplanned) his thoughts were not, he said. I see that lil train wreck coming a mile down the road. Self-preservation. (repeat) Yeah. That. I tried to logically discuss why we shouldn't date again, and that ruse didn't work at all. Plan B! SCARE HIM! Heh. He was highly flattering during the conversation, and told me I hadn't changed over the past five years. You girlies know how good that makes ya feel (well, you SHOULD). :) So...I did agree to have lunch with him this week. Yeah. We'll see about all that.

But in the MEAN-time
Much work to do. I must clean house this weekend, and do work-work, too. Pressure, pressure. Plus, I need to write a fictional story, as well. This should be fun; but under the time constraints I face, I find that even my 'fun' stuff is not so fun. :I Gads, I'm rambling again. I suppose I'm confused about all things right now. Men, goals, and most important, Crusty K, my true luff, and her ploy to get me to stay with her. I *think* she's nervous sleeping in her little area, because her room is further away from me than it ever has been in the past. Hm. I promised her she could sleep with me tomorrow night, so if all goes well, and she STOPS with the 'guilt-thing' I'll allow it, even though she's a pillow-hoggin', cover-stealin' lil sneak. :)

Hey dingleberry? Anonymous phone calls NEVER work.
Yeah. Don't *67 my number and actually expect to get away with that shiite. It doesn't work, mkaythx. You tried your pathetic bid yesterday, Mr. "I'll Pay Whatever It Costs." I have a WHOLE LIST of stuff you NEED TO PAY, and it doesn't include locating YOU in those 'mysterious messages.' We've danced to that song about 100 times since I've known you. Stop it with the charade already. You're boring me, as well as becoming a nuisance. 'Nuff said.

Krippy Kreme
On the way home, Crusty and I decided to swing by KK. Since it took the Mehicano SO. FREAKING. LONG. to ring us up, the manager gave us the dozen and milk free. Woohoo! Free Krippy Kremes! The joy! Of course, we ate one on the way home, whilst Crusty wore her KK hat. Hahahaha. Yeah; she was the crowned queen of Highway 31 allrighty. All the odd looks and horn-honking was not appreciated >:o

wbahner is gonna lose mail privileges...heh
You know you iz! LOL :) I was just waiting on someone in IT to pop that one. :D


GAH. Whyyyyyyyy can't I remember to pick them up?!

My eyes hurt BAD, and I'm officially on Crusty K-countdown-bedtime check. So I outta har. As usual, nothin's goin' on, no need to make out any "why or why not" lists, and well yeah; I'm delirious.

Sleep well, lil cheejren. :)

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