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Back to England Day!

But first, art! Snatched shamelessly from love2ski:
Tainted Love
You're "Tainted Love" by Soft Cell.

|| Which '80s Song Are You? ||
delivered in person by Frankie Goes To Hollywood

Eh...I would've picked another, but hey. You gotta take what the quiz tells ya you are. :) Always did like this one. :)

Going about it the wrong way
So. Although I typically write crap in my journal (at least for others to see), I have amassed a serious journal with some bizarre schtuff in it. And this morning, I had an epiphany. Or something. Instead of focusing on 'how to end this great book,' I've parlayed this into a screenplay, and finally found my ending. The protagonist is not who you think it is, and the end will rock. Or shock. But whatever the case, this sucker's gonna sell. Indeed. No, I don't feel creative. Hell, I don't have to be. The true story -- in and of itself -- is bizarre and almost unbelievable. The twist at the end is going to sell it like crazy. It's just a matter of semantics at this point. Already have the main characters sketched out perfectly (and even know who should play 'em). Oh yeah. It's going to rock. I've never seen a movie like it (and we KNOW I'm a huge movie fan); and of course, my parents can't find out I wrote it. Other than that, I'm sitting pretty with this one. I swear, I could probably have it all sketched out during the Christmas holidays. :) Ahh...finally! For most, the beginning and ending aren't that difficult; for me, the ending is where the rub always comes in. I've lived a full, exciting, eclectic life, traveled, met amazing people, lived with exceptional people -- and basically, have so many stories from which to choose. But this...this is the one that's going to sell. Yeah, I'm prostituting the craft, and lemme tell you something -- all those 'artists', poets, etc., who tell you they don't are either flat-out broke, or aren't really pursuing their dreams. You learn early on what you were born to do; you educate yourself; then, you do whatever is necessary to accomplish your goal. In my case, I've been writing business news, editing technical what should've been the peak of my career. The real good stuff was done when I first started out as a journalist.

But that's not what's going to sell. Yeah, I'm compromising. But it's going to be my springboard to what *I* want.

Calm after the storm
So it feels like a plan. It IS a plan, and one which I will see through, from beginning to end. It's just matter of capturing my audience, hanging on to them throughout the story, and slapping them at the end. I'm pretty good at that (professionally). I have no doubt this is what I should've been focusing on instead of a book. Although in reality, it could be both. I'm just skipping the foreplay, and headed straight into sex. Nothing wrong with that. :) Now that I've made this decision, I just have to do it. If this journal was any barometer of my ability as a writer, I'd fire me. Hahaha.

It's horrible outside, and my stomach hurts :/ Thus, I'll be staying in alone today, warm, with a book and movies. :) Don't cry for me, Argentina. I likes it this way. My cousin is in the Macy's parade, and hopefully someone's recording it. That whole side of the family is in New York right now; in retrospect, I should've jumped on that wagon, because I miss my New Yorker friends :/ :\ Bahh...I'm even foregoing my 'Back to Angland' list just because of my lil idea. It doesn't mean the same as it did anymore. :)

That. I feel it when K's not here. This, more than anything, makes me avoid/loathe the holidays. My important half is not with me. If I do anything, it would feel pointless, or as if I'm showing up without clothing, or at least the right accessories. So I'm sticking to the stay-home plan. All friends feel free to call. Heh. I will have to make a store run (FIGUREEEEEEES) at some point in the day. ACK. Tomorrow, I'll visit the parents, and get my share of T-day. I just can't do it today. I don't want to, don't feel like it, and am content being where I am.

Blah blah blah
Lately, it seems almost pointless jotting down notes in this journal. The important stuff, I hide. The only real purpose I've discovered this is good for is timelines. I can keep track of what I need to do/where I need to go based solely on my calendar of events. Plus, I can bore the numbers who actually skip to the cut and read. Hehe. Surelllllllly, you're bored by now. Although the numbers are still shockingly high, they've dwindled down a bit. This makes me feel like a little pressure has been removed, and I can freely move about in here. Funny how 'readers' influence what we want to say versus what we DO. There was a point when I thought poignantly that "People are reading...make it funny/entertaining/informative." I don't think this way anymore. If anything, I'm trying to run them off. LOL. Of course, this has worked in a few cases; but not as much as I'd like. I'm sure, after entries like this, I'll lose a good third of my 'audience.' And it can go BACK to being what I intended. Or something.

And now, go gorge yourselves. I'm fasting. :)

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