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Eye Gnu It!

No WONDER I've been watching the ONLY three girl movies in my vast video archive today (scratching chin, grimacing for the camera). Argh. Maybe I should start reading my entries more often, to be prepared for the girlie onslaught. Riding the crimson incites me to do things like organize my closet, clean out the fridge (especially the science projects), dust the window sills and ceiling fans, and pour over old photo albums, hard-copy journals, some of my old writing, and sitting down at length to play the piano. :) I'm TOO easily amused.

Girl Movie Inventory:

Watched all three: 'The Cutting Edge,' 'The American President,' and 'First Knight.' Afterwards, I hopped in the shower and...I PREDICTED IT! Did Something Different With My Hair. =:D Actually, I just stripped, ultra-conditioned, and smoothed it down nice and flat. Meticulously made a zig-zag part, and thought to myself: "Life is sehr guht." :D There's NOTHING right about me. I also noticed that my right thumb is larger than my left. In fact, they LOOK like different thumbs. What's up?! LOL. :) It took me this long to notice, or did it just happen?! This is odd, because I've always been complimented on my hands (go figure). Oh yeah...did my nails, too (silver...woo HOO, they look like shiny knives...be nice, or I'll gouge those eyes out).


HELLLLLLLLLP. This is the problemo with having a doc-in-the-box as your 'Acting GP.' Can't just call them up and tell them what's wrong (gRRrr). However, after my LAST long-time physician's moves, I've decided the more transient the doc, the better. Whatttt a pervert. I should've reported him to the med board or something...

During this time period (hahaha...no pun intended), I'm also slightly compulsive. I looked around my bedroom, FINALLY noticed that I have about 200 videos UP HERE, and decided to organize them. I need to post some 'rules' up in my own crib to keep me in check. There were so many videos on my desk and chest-of-drawers(neatly stacked, but 'busy looking' nonetheless) which I've taken downstairs and organized into their respective entertainment centers/shelvings. I *think* I did all these things LAST month, too. Next thing ya know, I'll be howling at the moon...

My horriblescope was a tad bit wrong; nothing crazy/exciting has happened today. Ordered a pizza, and the delivery boy (who was about 12) wished me a MERRY CHRISTMAS (ArghHHhhh...see webpage for THAT opinion). Like I'm not going to order another until AFTER. Gotta get that bacon-double-cheddar burger fix once a week. I *think* that's what keeps me from passing out, and going below 110 lbs.

My Body Guard/Policeman/Good Friend Makes and Saves The Day :D

Sean checked up on me today before he went to work, letting me know that he was seriously concerned about me after the rape in Hoover (my city), and sternly told me to answer the phone when he called. UH...REPORT?! WHAT? He told me it made him nervous that I was here and alone, gave me the run-down on how to protect myself (ha! like I needed THAT...), then professed his undying affection for me. We chatted a bit, and he told me that if ANYone ever did that to me (or hurt me, for that matter) he'd kill them. I believe he would. (((((Sean))))) :D He's protected me more than a few times, and I'm eternally indebted. :) I did tell him I wouldn't dare come between he and two fellow police officers who vye for his affection (if I didn't know any better -- and maybe I DON'T -- I'd swear all three are gay). We're getting together next week to feel sorry for ourselves, talk about knee surgery, eat junk food and watch movies (quoting him and HIS plans). Of course, I run the risk of his two buddies being REAL jealous (since I'm a girl, they're not, and both of these guys literally fight and argue over 'who gets to spend the most time working/hanging out with him'...lol). *I* plan on bringing laundry, too :D (Sean, I hope you're reading this...if not, well...don't I ALWAYS bring some?!). Wooooooooo. I'm TOO MUCH FUN! SEE! Seriously, he made my day :) I think I WAS feeling a little sorry for myself, and he just out-of-the-blue contacted me, and made me feel loved and protected :D


...niters, all.


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