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That's all I ax. Much drama was had 'round here, and I can't get into it. But many thanks to my strong, heroic protectors :)

Ughhh...AOL's 'updated' version
OMG. I looked through my files and discovered that ACK...all my instant messages are logged. Er...doesn't that bog down the system?! I clicked, and am changing options. That logging thing is evil. I've always hated talking with people via IM when I 'thought' they were logging intentionally. It's kinda sneaky/ugly, and computer was doing it for me. Good thing I'm all innocent and airything. :)

That. But I'm running a slight fever which makes it even worse. I feel like my bones are rattling around inside my skin, and wanna dive under my covers, where it's warm and soft. Again, I curse the decision to put my lil workstation by the WINDOW. But light's important. Keeps me motivated and happys :) I'm sitting here in what looks like MOPP Level 5, with uber warm slippers on now, and still don't feel warm. Ack. And in about an hour, I've gotta go OUTSIDE and take care of some things. Ehhh...not looking forward to that. The wind's also whipping around the bushes and trees. For the first time this year, I'm gonna have to wear a long coat and scarf. Plus, I have to wear a skirt *grumbles*. My legs are gonna freeeeeeeeze. I knew there was one REALLY GOOD reason why I needed to gain weight, other than the obvious ones. My legs are lonnnnnnnnnng, and get super cold when in a skirt. Hrm. I should rethink the whole outfit today.

That. Got my lil entry out, and am printing off some documents, again down to the last of my paper. Argh.

The end.

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