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Did *I* say sleep?

I realized I've become one of 'those' people. Or maybe I've always been. There's alwaaaaaaaays a recurring theme in my entries, and it seems like I can't help but yap about it. Although I should've gotten a great night's sleep last night (this morning?) I woke up with a sore throat 30 minutes' ago. Grrrr.

It's raining steadily outside right now, and I'm watching the paper boy go from door to door through my window. The sticker bushes outside are glistening, and droplettes bouncing off the railing of my deck. Right now, it reminds me of New York for some bizarre reason, and I feel the seeds of yearning to go visit stir within me. Even if it's just for a weekend. Maybe it's just that time of year. I particularly miss an old friend there. I miss the take out, the early hustle and bustle one must get in order to avoid crowds in the morning.

What strikes me as curiously odd (and humorous) is the way movies depict those who live in New York (the city itself, particularly). They all live in sprawling, fancy apartments, often with two floors to themselves, slap dab in the middle of NYC. How unrealistic is that?! First of all, those who LIVE right there in NY, even Manhattan, pay the most UNBELIEVABLE rent I've ever seen, uh, ever, for ONE ROOM. This room *might* have a bathroom (making it two-rooms altogether), but more often than not, the 'bathroom' is inside this tiny little space. No such thing as central heat and air; they depend on these clanking radiators, which -- when firing up -- sound like men in the basement, hitting the pipes with a maul. The windowsills of most are SO old, and you can literally see the layers of paint which go atop the OTHER layers of paint from years gone by. Fairly well-off, single people live in these small spaces, with barely enough room to turn around, and when they do, they're facing their own asses. :) For this one-room gem, they'll pay near $2,500-$5,000 a month for the space (not including utilities). I realize that you have to pay a price to live right. in. the. thick. of things. But c'mon! When I see movies about police officers who work for NYPD, they ALWAYS have these semi-posh apartments, and I wonder...what alter universe do the directors/screenplay writers live in?! Are they really envisioning Hell's Kitchen or Crooklyn?! Because they aren't showing us the REAL NY lifestyle. A shoddy -- but good -- example would be the movie Coyote Ugly. That chick moved in to a LARGE (for New Yorkers) space that, even though it was messy, would've realistically cost her at LEAST $3-$5k a month. Anyone who's seen the movie knows how ridiculous it is for her character to enjoy that much space. LOL. That's all I'm saying. SAME thing goes for Hollywood. Unless you live in the 'seedy part of town,' Orange County or L.A. are SO expensive in which to live that movies seem laughable. I've gotta stop watching these; I'm sooo jaded. I rewrite every script in my head and realize: The everyday-Joe wouldn't be impressed with the reality of New York or 'Hollywood' life, or the reality thereof. So they gotta groove it up in the movies. Hahaha.

Plus, the north and south are drastically different. People ignore each other up north. Neighbors go FOREVER without ever knowing one another's names...ever, unless they make some kind of love connection, even though they live on the same floor, eat at the same restaurants, and walk the same streets every day. Don't get me wrong -- this would be the PERFECT scenario for moi, never having to talk to or meet the neighors, and knowing they have no desire to meet or talk with ME.

And all the 'artists' will scurry TO NY just to live there, thinking all the real artists live there, too. Not true. Most writers/artists/musicians of any mettle might HAVE a tiny apartment there, just so they'll have somewhere to stay while working. But in reality, their homes are peppered throughout the U.S. in some of the most obscure towns.

Like Birmingham.

Rick McCallum (I could be spelling it wrong [I AM still half-asleep] author: Swan's Song, A Boy's Life) lives about five miles from me. He's made quite the name for himself. There are several world-reknowned artists living right here, but you wouldn't know it. Courtney Cox visits OFTEN. Her whole family is here. One of the top 10 highest-paid CEOs (according to Forbes) lives here, too.

Or Key West.

Ah! THAT'S more like it. Property might be upwardly costly, but reasonable; and MANY artists live there (or did before they died). While visiting Key West (especially if you know someone who IS someone), you travel in the same path as many famous writers, artists and musicians, who can be found drinking coffee outside early in the morning at a cafe, or biking...or at dinner, under the twinkling lights they keep up year round. The food, on the other hand, is very expensive in Key West (in the 'right' places).

The one thing I suppose that draws the famous, pain-stricken artists is anonymity (Hemingway is one good example). They can eat dinner and drink coffee outside without the 'natives' approaching for an autograph, or budge in on them during dinner. I've seen it. No one would be so crass as to do that, not in 'right areas' of Key West.

I really need to put a leash on my movie-watching/book-reading. Otherwise, I'll go crazy noticing the inconsistencies of those and real life. Obviously, or I wouldn't be going on and on about it. :D

Anne Rice lives in New Orleans. Unless you know her, or know people who DO know her, you'd never FIND her or where she lives. But she's right slap dab in the middle of 'the right area' there, not so 'secure' in where she dwells. In New Orleans, you don't HAVE to be. I suppose after she lost her little girl, she had no desire to move; God knows New Orleans has one of the worst school systems in the nation; and I feel if her daughter had lived, she either would've moved elsewhere with hubby, or sent her to a private school out of state.

But as always, I digress. Note to self, #81: Never ramble about movies and geography upon first waking up after NOT getting sufficient sleep.

It's raining harder now. I suppose I should at least attempt to grab a nap while I still can. It's allegedly going to shower all day today, and will cause me to wistfully look out the window, thinking...about life, or something like it. Not the movie, though. :)

Yeah. I need to go back to bed for a lil nap.

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