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Alllllllllllllllll I wanted was a peaceful neighborhood =/

If you're a reader, I'd just skip all this.

Since I apparently woke up right as the call was made, I was the first 'civilian' outside during all the hoop-la. Soon after the 20 police cars, several negotiators and detectives from the city showed up in unmarked cars. Um...doesn't take a genius to figure out what was going on. Then, fire and rescue backed into the area about an hour later. Everyone, at this point was outside.

I snatched one of the younger officers aside, asked specifically if it was a hostage/murder/suicide and he said "yes." When I asked if Scott was involved/dead, he said yes (Scott is the crackhead who stole my dog and has been 'in my face walking through my yard' since I've lived here...he stole my dog at ANOTHER complex which I moved in right after my ex took the house).

It occurred at a couple's house early this morning. Obviously, they've been up all night using crack, and the two of them are 'feared' by their elderly neighbors, constantly having the police called on them for fighting, etc. I can imagine the scenario inside. All three of them using ALL night long (Scott spends every dollar he makes during the week -- sometimes upwards of $6k -- on his weekend crack binge); they started coming down, things got ugly. Everyone's paranoid/nervous. Scott's too old to be using that crap ANYway. But it was affirmed that he killed himself by the police who talked with me. It was definitely Scott.

Not soon after the rescue truck pulled up, it backed around to the other side of the building. A HEARSE pulled up. WTH? I have NEVER seen a body taken away by a hearse without an AUTOPSY DONE by officials FIRST. What'ssssssss going on?! The police, detectives and negotiator all scrambled to their respective vehicles, pulling out kits, and prepared to search the residence. I'm sure we won't see it on the news; the board of directors here will keep it quiet.

It's scary when someone you've actually had a conversation with commits suicide. In my life, I've known way too many 'real' suicides, and have had to deal with friends dying this way. Scott wasn't a friend; if anything, I had REAL ugly feelings towards him, his lifestyle and of course, stealing my dog. But now, I feel sad. He's doomed. I don't think St. Peter's standing at the pearly gates ready to welcome him in, and I imagine the very worst. I knew Scott. And he's as soulless and evil as anyone I've met, truly. He has no redeeming qualities whatsoever, and I struggle with these feelings I still have towards him. He was bad; but I'd never want this to happen to ANYone. Gotta let go of the angry feelings, I think, so I can grieve; not because I liked him, but because I can imagine the hell he was going through in his head that compelled him to use such a soul-destroying substance for so long, that it finally caused him to take his own life.

Can't really focus on anything right now. K's in the shower and going to visit her Mimi and Pops. A girlfriend is coming by to visit, and I'll talk with her.


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