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Bachelor #4...heh.

Dan...who found my Yahoo profile mysteriously
and er...yeah, wants to meet me. Ummmm...what's
up with the random searches?

So I get this e-mail from outta the blue...
From "Dan" a youngish kinda guy who finds me intriguing for some reason. Should I? Shouldn't I? Bwahaha. I won't. I never follow up on dates. Why should Dan the man be any exception? Of course, I just NOW checked that mailbox; he could've sent those two months' ago. Heh. He'll receive MY response and be all "huh...? who is that?" :D Yeah. Don't check the Yahoo mail out much, particularly after psycho broke my password =/ Rubs me the wrong way. But of course my page is lacking art; so Dan's the 'man' of today. I'm gonna make a calender of the contending bachelors. Muhahaha. They're ALL cute in their own way. Dan, in a nerdy kinda, takes-care-of-himself-professional way (plus he's a daddy; they give the BEST headrubs). I like his look :) He's a little too tall for me (6'3"), but er...if his voice is sessay, I may give him the benefit of the height doubt. :)

Er...yeah...the policeman
My good buddy, CB (call him that from now on) stopped by earlier after what happened today, inquiring about the neighbor. He asked if I knew about the raid, and I told him yes, that the guy himself came over and told me. The POLICE SHOWED UP AT THE WRONG TIME. GAH. He's supposed to be OUT of that condo today; last night, after he paid what's her face rent, she was showing him his walking papers. So I feel my deal with CB should be drawing to a close. After today, I don't even wanna SMELL that kind of activity going on around here. It's awful when all the elderly people stay inside, don't walk their dogs, or congregate because of the couple of nutbags we have living here :( I feel sorry for them. CB did ask if it was okay if he came BACK tonight; I told him yeah, but I go to bed early so...BWAHAHAH. I'M SUCH A PARTY ANIMAL! WOO. I should take a digi of him. :) Heh. Make HIM part of my bachelor calendar, too! Yeah! :D

FINALLY finished the Social Studies project
OMG. Despite ALL the magazines and newspapers for which I've worked in the past, NONE OF MY TRAINING prepared me for THIS little project K threw at me. Of course, she gathered info, and chose her features; she even wrote the copy. But *I* had to lay it out AND design it. Plus, I had to find pics on the internet on "The Roaring '20s" which was an awful time period for Americans. Oh yeah. I know ALLL about it now. About the only good thing coming out of the '20s was Jazz. And that's it. Oh, and maybe baseball. Even her Charlie Chaplin story was depressing, as he suffered a nervous breakdown, and was incessantly hounded by the government for being a communist. BLAH. My newspaper template was obstinant. I titled one page as a continuation, and it would title the OTHER pages just like it. GAHHHHHHH. I tried to override the macros, but no joy. I did it in WordPerfect, so mebbe that's my problem. Whatever the case, it's taken quiteeeeeeee a bit of work to finish up this thing. THEN SHE EDITED. JOY. She redlines more than *I* do. OMG. Little Nazi is what she is. Heh. :D

Kar visit
She came by earlier, and we talked about all kinds of things. Where we were 10 years' ago, where we are now. How we've changed, and how we haven't. I miss her being around =/ I dunno how much longer her marriage will last, since they've had problems from day one. I think she was enchanted more by the fact that he's a veternarian rather than his good looks or personality, neither of which rated even 3.5 stars from moi. But then again, it's almost impossible to sway me, particularly if you're a fargin' man. A man on a mission, no less. I knew his goal -- when he first started seeing her -- was to find a wife. He took my best friend! The nerveeeeeee. I'll say no more, because she does occasionally check up on this page, and um, I don't want her to hate moi. :) It was a good visit, and I really needed girltalk. With a grownup that is. We won't EVEN get into the 'baseball bat crackup' that occurred with super K and I this afternoon. WHERE DOES SHE COME UP WITH THESE IDEAS? *snickers*

Uh...what's today again?
I am NEVERRRRRR gonna make the Creesmas Dreadline. I'm just NOT. I HATE SHOPPING more than anyone on planet earth (and other planets perhaps not in our solar system). I mean seriously. I even hate doing it on the internet. With coupons. At discounts. AND free delivery. After this past summer, I'm SO scared to spend a dime on ANYthing that I don't consider completely necessary. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to buy everyone gifts this year; I hope family and friends understand this. Um...I am the one, after all, who hates the holidays. I'm thinking everyone should pretend I'm a man, and I won't seem so retarded, or shopping-challenged. Yeah. That. And I'm broke. That, too.

Dealing with it
Much love to those who expressed...sympathy? Concern? Over my feelings regarding the awful incident this morning. I'm fine, I promise. I just had to think about it, remember friends, remember MY thoughts and start screwing my head back on straight. I hate it...HATE IT that K was here when this happened. Although she knows nothing more than "it was a domestic dispute" I think she's a little smarter than I'm giving her credit for. I mean really...they drove a HEARSE all up in here. She's not stupid. But DRIVING A HEARSE to a crime scene IS. That's what we have emergency vehicles with no windows for. Geez. It was a really tacky hearse, too. And when K saw it she said: "Hm...I would've thought it would be black." YIKES. GO TO YOUR ROOM NOOOOOOW.

No, she didn't listen.

So anyway, back to the trenches
She's visiting grandparents, and I missed my visit today. I forgot ALL about it and neglected to even call the nursing home. Yeah, I do feel guilty about that =/ Since the heart attack, I just...I don't know. I don't think 'right.' My short-term memory seems to be shot, although it's shown improvement since then. Not only THAT, but my crystalized memory is suffering. THAT doesn't even happen to Altzheimer's I'm really nervous about this one. I hope to GOD I get back to my old self; this 'forgetful self' ain't gettin' it done. Not saying I wasn't forgetful before; I was. But I seem to be unwittingly forgetful NOW. Before, I was guilty about it, cuz I'd know, but not WANT to remember. Uh...and now I'm rambling, and by tomorrow, I'll have to reread this to remind me of what's goin' on. Hahaha. Mkay...that's so not funny.

Haven't eaten today, didn't make it to the store, and now it really seems like a waste of time and energy to scare something up. I needs some sleeps.

Ciao, bellas y bellos.

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