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Not just a flu-ke

It's official after my doc visit today. I couldn't even drive myself to see him. I have the flu.

Thank GOD for Phenergan and Limotil
Or however you spell it, since I got generics. I've literally lived in the bathroom since yesterday (and no, you don't want details, nor do I need to put them here...I won't ever forget this little period in time. UGH).

I can't believe I'm still alive. It was no accident that I've been unusually cold. I have double pneumonia, also; which means I need to KEEP ANTIBIOTICS DOWN. I can't right now, because I'm soooo nauseated. You know that gritty egg-yolk kinda sick? Ugh...that. So I'm going to crawl back to bed, keep a plastic trash can beside me, try to keep liquids down and pray to GOD I don't die before tomorrow.

Just wanted to jot a note down and let yous guys know what's going on. Very, very, very sick and out of it. :/ Anything I say can't be held against me at this time. Or something. I went to a doc in the box (which is WAY outta my budget right now); he wanted me to go to the hospital. Right now, I'm just hoping I can avoid that. :/ So airyone have good thoughts or say a little prayer.


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