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You think?!

My journal says I'm 58% masculine.
What does your LJ writing style say about your gender?
LJ Gender Tool by hutta

What did I say? Even though I've written as a fargin' girl, it STILL thinks I'm a guy. Something's way wrong with all that.

Ja. Work. Won't disclose, plus I'm gonna puke on my keyboard, but...looks like we might be back to formula, to steal a line used in Spiderman. This can be fun, however. I just feel like total, 100% shiite. If I don't feel better by this afternoon, my arse will go back to formula or something.

There is a certain beauty to delirium, however. When you're running just enough of a fever that the world appears...different, and nothing makes a lot of sense. Colors seem brighter, smells are...overwhelming (in a bad way for me), and everything I'm looking at seems surreal, or as if it's drawn from an animated movie. =/ Having said that, I think I'm totally losing what's left of my mind. No chest pains, so I'm happy about that. But if I'm not able to keep down fluids, which I haven't, then I'm in trouble. That's just BEGGING for a blood clot =/ Makes me nervous, so I suppose being sick as I have is good...hurling violently makes your whole body heave; so there's no chance of a clot even the size of my fist to lodge in my arteries right now. Yeah. That.

Mkay. Can't update, nothing to say, just sick. Please don't call unless it's an emergency or you're coming to help rescue. I don't recommend it, however.

One more thing:

Dec 11 11:37 MSIE 6.0
13815 Dec 11 11:36 MSIE 6.0
13814 Dec 11 11:32 MSIE 6.0
13813 Dec 11 11:32 MSIE 6.0
13812 Dec 11 11:32 MSIE 6.0
13811 Dec 11 11:30 MSIE 6.0
13810 Dec 11 11:29 MSIE 6.0
13809 Dec 11 11:28 MSIE 6.0
13808 Dec 11 11:28 MSIE 6.0
13807 Dec 11 11:27 MSIE 6.0


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