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See the red dot?

I want YOU, specifically, to STOP visiting my journal. Mkay? Otherwise, I'll print directions out so everyone can cruise by.

Hoarse, of course
Poooor K! She's lost her voice during the virus. Fortunately, it only lasted about 48 hours. However, she's not going to be able to go to the dance tomorrow. I'm keeping her in and hydrated. Her fever has been normal today, and I'm praying it'll remain down throughout the night. :( It's sooooo sad when our leetle babies get sick :( She says she feels 'fine.' But you can barely understand her when she speaks.

Cleesmas nachtmare
Gads. Finally got out to my point of shopping and wouldn't ya know...every dimwit this side of the Mason/Dixon decided to be out, too. I passed three wrecks within 10 miles of home on my way to Barnes & Nobles/Bed, Bath & Beyond. Unreal. People are more evil right now. They're all looking at each other while stuck in traffic like they wanna kill or something. Or they're flirting. Hahaha. Gotta love the ones who still can't help themselves, even in this God-awful traffic. I pulled over to get a movie K wants, and while doing my fuse thing, some Rico Suave-kinda guy runsssss around to my car to 'help.' I assured him I knew what I was doing and he stuffed his hands in his pocket and scurred quickly away. Hahaha. Maybe one day, I'll actually LET one of these do-gooder guys 'help me' when I'm doing something normal to my car. LOL. Men are too funny. Do we LOOK helpless?!

Did get the movie, Hoops and OMG; kid movies are so. very. EXPENSIVE. Those kid movie makers and book writers are smart; they know that even when we have NO money, we'll always spend it on our kids so they jack us up a few notches. LOVELY. NICE. THANKSSSSS. Without a kiss, no less. And since she was devestated about not being able to go to the dance, I'm going to let her open her 'best' gift tomorrow. It'll keep her in bed AND entertained while she continues to recover.

Every year, I have this nagging feeling that I'm forgetting SOMEthing that she wants/needs. Without fail, I worry myself into a frenzy. Although she never makes out a list, and says she wants nothing, little clues and hints are always given. And I respond by freaking out thinking I missed something that'll scar her for life if she doesn't get it. Hm. Gone through the mental checklist, and did my quick, drive-by shopping. Also had a couple of online gifts for her which've all arrived safely and are wrapped up. It'll be lean this year, but she's thankfully easy to please. *I* like some of her gifts :) Gotta love it when your child reaches YOUR size, and starts wanting things YOU like :) REVENGE for all the things they've scavanged from YOU. Hehe :D Not that I'd ever do such a thing, but...if it's left in a common area, I can't be held responsible for where it ends up. That's all *I'm* sayin.'

MUCH needed relief, thank GOD, so I was able to actually take care of all these things AND get sleep. Goofy ace stopped by on his way home from work, and we watched a freaked out movie (and acted goofy...or something). Of course, no night is complete these days without one of the Witches of EastRedneck showing up; sure enough, like clockwork, one did. I just yelled that I had company, and she left. Gah. PLEASE tell me this isn't becoming a daily habit.

But I diddddddd get a nice lil head-rub :) Yeshhhhh. All is now well in my universe. :D At least for right now.

Too exhausted to get in to the REST of the day, the kiddie doc, etc. so...going to finish wrapping the last few presents before I pass out. I'm not feeling 100%; stomach is a little bit off, but hopefully it's just lack of food. Still feeling all comfy from the much-needed head/neck/back rub. :D Definitely don't need what K had/has, so I'm hitting it.

And if you SHOULDN'T BE HERE READING, DON'T. How many times do I have to say this?!


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