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Up all night

Had my cellphone alarm set for every three hours last night to keep close watch on K. She wanted to sleep with me; however, I can see that one playing out like a bad movie; I get sicker, so does she, and on and on it goes...

Entitling these bags "Gucci"
Samsonite is so out. So the bags under my eyes are gonna be grooved up. Got an icon now that represents how I feel pretty much all the time now. Woo. Sick, tired, exhausted...worn slap out. K didn't run a fever last night, and I'm hoping she won't today, either. Her dad, however, dropped a bomb on us last night by informing us that he, unlike us, has strep throat. GOODY. This means that either of us, at any point, could contract it. All my anti-bacterial efforts had best pay off. She nor I could take strep after all this. :/ Although he's feeling fine today (got a shot for it yesterday), both she and I have coughs and sore throats. But I'm not gonna jinx us. Bed rest and soup, lots of liquids. Pray to GOD we don't get it. That's that.

No sleep at all last night because I kept getting up to check her. Then, couldn't go back to sleep. I did get three hours' worth in a row this morning, but feel wretched now. When I start going for people's brains agggressively, I'll need to be put down. Hahaha. Mkay, that's not funny; 28 Days Later was about phareaks killing everyone. Ummm...yeah. No more jokes about me being a zombie. And P.S. to angelsdust...weren't you supposed to CALL?! Gah.

Gettin' out innit
Today, K and I have GOT to get out in the fray for more liquids/groceries and also to replace a Christmas gift. Gr. I'm SO peesed about that one. Fortunately, she opened it before Christmas, so I don't have to deal with mad rush. Or I'll deal with a mad rush, just not a return desk rush. I've heard horror stories from other friends who have gotten in physical fights whilst shopping. I've just gotta say for the record that if ANYONE stiff-arms me, looks at me mean, gets too close to me, my buggy OR K, they're gonna die. There's that. Then again, I think other people recognize insanity when they see it, so I'm relatively safe. Heh. Or something.

It's dreadfully cold this morning, and I had to deal with HellSouth regarding the phones. SOMEone in my building feels they are being tapped; so ALL of our phones were out this a.m. THAT was lovely. I called them, and let them know that not only do I have a heart condition, but MOST heart attacks occur in the MORNING and PLEASE CUT MINE BACK ON MOST RICKY TIC, CRAZY PEEPAL. They did. But I know *most* of the people in this building (since there are only four of us here). I don't git it. Anyway...they cut me back on and all is sehr gut. K's still asleep, so I'm not going to wake her.

Mkay. Talking with T1 re: dissertation. Nothing wunderbar to report anyhoo, other than uber private stuff that is NOT going in here. :P

Heh...this is a good one...

Dear Terri,
Here is your horoscope
for Friday, December 19:

Your heart is pure, yet someone insists on doubting your intentions. Back away or be further misinterpreted. Certain things are obviously not meant to be. It's a bitter pill, but one that's necessary to swallow.

Makes ALL kindsa sense to ME. LOL :)

Yippity yappity yay.

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