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Sessay Dax photo, and miscellaneous goings on

dirtstar...ain't he purty? And what's a good blog day without some art?

And one more, just because.

Luckkkky Dax! :) Hey...any publicity is good, right? Playin' around with photoshop, he's the most photogenic 'subject' of photos I've stored (and most 'legal'...heh...). We don't need to see any more, do we? Trying out a new utility, which I'm not really sure I want to use. I *think* they put their web tag at the bottom of photos and will see after I update.

K, the party garanimal
K has another family party to attend, and will be leaving shortly. She'll be back tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully, no one at said party will be sick. :I She's excited about going, and hasn't run a fever all day. So it's safe to let her attend without fear she'll feel bad or infect anyone else.

She's been taking it easy most of today, which is good. Still has a little cough, but the worst is over. I'm running a small temp, but nothing to be concerned with. I do feel run down and tired, however.

Ahhhhhhh yesttthhh. We're gettin' some 'grown up' movies and curling up tonight. M.E. brought some great, scented candles (woooooo! we all knows I love those), and I'm thinking he's angling for more than dinner and a movie. Heh. Uh...nap! Gotta stick with the plan! ;-)

Mucho happened today, but won't get into all of it. Need to play another game of Battleship with K, and get my ace kicked AGAIN. Heh. Aaaaaaaahhhhhh...tonight...

Rub my head, and make a wish ;-)

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