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THIS figures. LOL.

I just got e-mail from my ever-thoughtful and considerate girly friend, goddess_eir:

You're never going to believe this....

Wednesday I sent you a burned copy of Evanescence and John Mayer.....a couple of old video games I had from when B was younger, another "relaxation" CD a friend gave me, and some homemade cookies...and guess what???

Just our luck!! My mailroom person just came over to me and said I have to call this 800 # because they think my package was on a plane that had a fire!!! OMG! Can you believe THAT??? WHAT are the chances!!?!?! Luckily it wasn't expensive stuff....But what about those who DID sent packages... weird!
Tracking #6000000 FEDEX

I'll have to burn more copies, when I get a chance AFTER the holidays!! ;) Can you believe it??? SHIT!! Man!! That just sucks!!! I worked hard on all that stuff.

My mailroom person said to call, maybe I can claim some money...what should I tell them was inside ;) ???

Are you cursed or somethin? :D <--hehehehe, YESH.


Hahahaha. Um. I know it's not funny; it just figures. Just. My. Luck.

Yours, too, Jen ;-) That's what ya get for CHEATING ON ME! I SO WANT A DIVORCE!! :-P

What Jen Should Tell FedEx WAS Inside

1. The Hope Diamond
2. A check for $100,000 (we'll split the difference...heh)
3. An 18-year-old, non-English-speaking Italian boy :-X
4. Your child (it was less expensive than buying a ticket!)
5. My ex-freak's dead body (uh...I'd pay FEDEX for burning that one on purpose...hahahhaha).
6. Tiffany's Jewelry (call me for some prices on some schtuff I have; we'll give them photos and airything!)
7. The whole world, in their hands (and then start singing and crying, mumbling something about emotional distress and an attorney).
8. Priceless family heirlooms (continue sobbing)
9. Life-saving medication. Then, tell them you have my death certificate.
10. Seven rubies-in-the-rough; we were gonna design our own engagement ring. AWWWWW (continue sobbing)
(Fill in the blank with costly ideas)

Heh. Am I cursed or somethin', she asked? That was a rhetorical question, right? Let's NOT review this past year...LOLOLOL.

Um...that just doesn't even surprise me AT. ALL.

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