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...does "XD" mean? Are we cyborgs or what?

Up all night; no sleep all day
Another one of those, to ensure K's peace and well being. No more incidences, so I'm relieved about all that. When this illness thing has traveled full circle, I feel like Imma gone need about a six-week vacation away from...everyone, including me. Paper clothes, vanilla pudding, I come. Heh.

Oooooo it works!
K moved my DVD player, which hasn't worked in months and also ate my G.I. Jane movie, plugged it up, and it WORKED in her room. I ran it back in here, and so for the past 48 hours, I've been too scared to turn it off...again. So forever, G.I. Jane shall play in the background (or on another channel) until I get a hankering to watch it again. Heh. I'm SO NOT going through that DVD HELL again. Me no comprende. I don't think it's FOR me to comprende. So,I'll leave the movie in, and ever-so-often flip over to catch her shaving her head, or Viggo be the uber stud he is. Heh.

Scared, scared about paycheck situation. As predicated, couldn't sleep last night worried about schtuff. Yeah, I know it's pointless to worry; and realize the hazards of worrying too much. But c'mon, this is a shitty time of year to NOT get a paycheck, non?! I mean, any other time but now. Ok ok...I'm doing it again. *Slaps self into submission*

Culinary prowess
Last night, I have to admit I cooked an incredible dinner for my ungrateful audience. LOL. K liked it, but I think she only pretended because I worked so. freaking. hard. cooking, washing up behind myself, and trying to please her. Yeah. Pretty sure. It was tres delish, and I'm just TRYIN' to expose her to different country's cuisines so that her lil trip to Europe won't come as quite a shock. Okay...I just wanted to eat it, and that's that. Whatever the case, I spent mucho time cooking, making sure it was just right, and she just kinda stared at me, assuring me it was 'great,' but I've seen that 'drive-by-veggie-eating' attitude thing she goes through. I'm surprised she didn't pinch her nose whilst at it (oh yeah; she does that, too).

I'm officially dawn of the dead and have nothing more to say for public consumption anyhoo. My eyes are tired, and I have so much that needs to be done today. Running a slight fever, and worried that I'm contagious. Hereeeeeee we go again.

Roger, wilco, aut.

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