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Does this entry make me look fat?

Mkay, those on my friend's list (or whomever the phaaaareak was who stayed up all night reading my journal) have already been wished a merry Christmas, etc. Looks like I'm going to be forced to use a new e-mail address; I'm not getting my mail the way I should, and it sometimes shows up hourssss later (if at all). Argh. AOWell, giving the gift of screwing without foreplay. Heh. This morning, I very oddly had no e-mail AT ALL. This IS a first. I think it's time to change my password again, since psycho is still hanging on to my Yahoo password. Gotta love it.

Satan gave to me...
...a headache and two very sore kneeeeees. /bad song. Stayed up too late last night and had to get up early this morning, since I have a couple of presents to wrap, and am going to make sure that K's room is rearranged in a way that the cold air from the window doesn't hit her, and still leaves her enough room to play :) Eh, yeah. She's my big reason for even celebrating. But she's a great one, so :D Was nice waking up to what is NOW a huge bedroom :) Cleared the boxes away, and got help with big ones in the livingroom last night. With the exception of two little boxes, all are either unpacked or tucked away. Ahhh yes. Finito. Gotta rearrange some little bookshelves, and also build a set (yessssss, I'm gonna use my dad's power tools and my uber creative skillz) so I'll have a place to put at least 1/3rd of my books. I realized S.E. meant well, when he gave me that HUGEEEEE plastic bookshelf thingy; but er, it won't hold hardback and that's all I have (with very few paperback exceptions).

Yes, I feel GREAT today. Headache and all :) Twas a surprising Christmas this year, as I honestly expected nothing (I never do, come to think of it). Got phone calls from the important people in my life, surprise gifts and of course, my lovely leetle baby. Of course, of all the things I had to accomplish, I forgot the most important thing...groceries. Hahaha. Um, not funny. There are, fortunately, a couple of stores that open after noon today. Yeah, buddy, I'll be out in 'em. Today is one of those 'no-traffic' days which make me blissfully happy on the road :D

The odd thing about this Christmas (as opposed to last), is that all my buddies on the friend list seem to have gotten everything they wanted/asked for/have been talking about, and I'm so happy for them. The economy's crappy, no one really has any money, and yet everyone got their wish. :) Last year, I remember the disappointment/discontent that slid over other people's journals like an oil spill in the ocean. So...even though we're doing no better this year than last financially, buddies still got what they wanted. :D

All I want for Christmas are my two two e-mails...
For those of you who respond to posts OR send e-mail to, we're gonna reroute as of today. Argh. I've had to stumble on your replies by reading your lists, and have spoken with four different people who asked if I got their mail. Umm...nope. So either it's another case of password hijack (which NEVER seems to end), or AOL is filtering out everything BUT AOL mail. Grrr. So if I seem to 'ignore' you, you know why. It's unintentional, and I'm not getting mail. /e-mail rant. And since psychoboy messaged me the night before last, I have a reaaaaal big suspicion that he's behind it yet again. He's still hanging on to my Yahoo password. Unbelievable. I've contacted friends who mailed that account, and now they can't get through here. Goody. Yeah, buddy. I wish for my enemies to get a Dick for Christmas. Hahahahaha.

Getting ready to make my annual quiche. Ja, I do make sure on Christmas that I have prosciotto ham, provolone, cheddar, mozarella, mushrooms, milk, pie crust and pan for quiche. And of course, a big supply of hot apple cider. Delish. :) This year, I also got ingredients to make my lil invention (sausage pinwheels...highly recommend 'em). Those can be schnacked on all day. Both are guaranteed to fill everyone up who stops by and/or lives with me :D, including me. Yummmmmm. Hot apple cider with cinnamon sticks. Smellllllllls good. tons still left to do, and am gonna snuggle up for another hour ;-) The bed, er, beckons and food is in the oven. :D

*Sigh of comfy, fun relief*

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