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A victory for da home team! WOOOOO!

Um. I should never be allowed to go to K's sporting events; I incite the other moms to scream and yell: "Go *whomever*...IT'S YO BIRFDAY!" We were outta control, and our children duly embarrassed. I turned around at one point, and said: "Well? It's payback time for ALLLL those grocery store rants when they were five!!! AHAHAHA." Yeah. So I sat by A's mom, Lori, and she and I got that party started. Heh. But when K and I first walked into the gym, there was a WHOLE section of dads just...flagrantly STARING. K said: "Mom! GAH. ALL THOSE GUYS are staring at you." Ugh. I rolled my eyes, and said: "Just ignore them, sweetie. They don't know what they're doing, or they're just rude(<--said rather loudly...heh)." WHY DO GUYS DO THAT? I mean, looking is okay; but gawking and UNWAVERING STARING makes me self-conscious, like I have something green hanging outta my nose. Ugh. Anyway...

Gawd...they're so good and so young
K's team is really remarkable to be sooo fargin' young. They took it, 18-8. Yeshhhh. One girl on her team was ALL business. OMG. *I* would hate to have her on me, one-on-one, on the basketball court. She was all over the other team and/or ball. And I felt SO BAD for K; although she's shorter than some of the tallest girls on the team, they ALWAYS put her with the heftiest, BIGGEST girl when she's on defense. OMG. It was almost comical watching her JUMP to literally cover a girl who looked like she could participate in pro-wrestling. MY POOR LEETLE BABY! Hahahaha. She did great, though, and throughout the game, checked (often), played point and guard. Gads. They had her all over the map. Andrea, however, was threading flowers or something whilst on the court. She's VERY tall, which is why she was kept in; but even her mom remarked at how casually Andrea took it all. K was focused and out for blood. All bidness. Andrea looked like she was modeling for a tampon commercial. BAHAHA. Um. Okay. So Lori told me about Andrea's aspirations to become an actress; and went further to tell me she had a great head start, since she's lately become such a drama queen. YIKES. Er...I couldn't empathize with that one, because K's not like that.

Didn't see her dad and stepmom show up, but did talk to her stepmom after the game. The more I talk to her, the more I like her. :) She actually approached me this time, and was all smiling and friendly. Afterwards, in the car, K said: "Mom? When you and Karen were laughing and talking, my dad was just staring like this O_o" Aaaaaaaaaaaaahahahaha! Mkay, you'd hafta see it to appreciate it. I asked her if he looked at either of us, and she said "Errr, no. He just stared at the wall over your heads, like he didn't want to see either one of you." Why I find this funny, I might never know. LOL. Her stepmom is allrighty in my book. She, K and I were soon huddled together, while K's stepmom noticed this redheaded boy playing basketball. She likes redheads. I said "Yikes! They all have tempers!!" Um...I'm not thinking K's dad really appreciated we three girls checkin' out the high school boys and totally ignoring him...or something. It certainly wasn't intentional. Gah. I would've never noticed had K not laughed/told me about it on the way home. She really notices way more than she should. See why I gotta be on my toes 24/7?! She's all OVER me. I dare NOT make a bad move with K around, lest she mock me, whilst I make this O_o face. Heh. Toooo funny. Enough about all that.

Home again, home again, and here to stay
We debated braving the weather and going to see Return of the King; however, she and I both are pretty drained from the game, and I think we'll be hanging 10 at da crib. If we do go see it, I kinda wanna invite K's stepmom to go with us. I'd love for the three of us to get together. I feel pretty sure that NOW, we'd probably enjoy it (all of us). I wonder, however, if it would make K

So K and I are taking our "cave" time, and staying away from each other for a little bit. She and I have an unspoken kind of situation where we'll do this (and I don't think it's common among maybe I should warn her about it). This place IS set up like two seperate condos, instead of one. So it's easy to retreat to our respective areas, close our main doors, and get some quiet time when needed. Since I cooked a hefty breakfast this morning (oops), we're both still stuffed, and just snacking on fruits for lunch. Argh. I should've considered the game before loading her up this a.m. :) But yummmmmm. I also threw in my ever-famous sausage pinwheels (which are tres delish). Right now, however, it feels like I have a brick slap-dab in the middle of my stomach. Ack. I won't eat for another month now, mkaythnx. Blah. I need a nap.

Starting it up is the hardest part... little writing project has grown wings, and taken on a life of its own. Wow. Once I got over the Scene I, Act I, I was GONE. Flying. Producing. Even after going back to read it, I'm satisfied; and I can't say this has ever happened with Chapter Ones in the past. Perhaps a screenplay should've been my focus over the past 15 years instead of a book. Hrm. If this fargin' journal was any indication of my abilities as a writer, I'd fire me, or never read me again. Heh. And if you've made it this far, again, that'll teach ya. I'm thinking out loud, and you're piggybacking. HOW DOES IT FEEL? EH HEH.

Note to self, #95: No more cheerleading at K's games. It makes me obnoxious and intolerable.

So I've read all my friends, and reread them. Yous guys don't seem to be updating very often lately. C'mon now! I feel cheated or something. I just finished reading a book that K's stepmom gave me while I was in the hospital. I need material! WRITE, WRITE! Or I'll hafta write for myself. Geez.

And like the dork that I am...
I completely forgot to bring the digi cam to her game. DOH. Her coach is tres cool (and looks like Queen Latifah; even Lori agreed wit me on dis one), and I held her clipboard and bakketball for her. Weeeee! See? I really don't need to go to the games. I wanna get out and PLAY. Or something. I definitely incite the moms to get crazy; and I don't think their kids really appreciate all that *cough.* :-D

...and I'm still in awe of player #12. This girl was sooo serious to be so young, and more than 1/2 of the points made by K's team were made by player #12. Kinda reminded me of me when *I* was their age. She'd literally SNATCH the ball outta the other team's hands. LOL. Er...I'd do the same thing, despite the penalty. Go, #12! It's yo birfday! That said, stick a toothpick in me, cuz I'm done.

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