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Errr...Public Crush?! Nevah.

How many people have a crush on terribastedo?
The below numbers indicate what sorta crushes people on terribastedo's friends list have on her/him, as taken from the results of the original LJ Secret Crush Meme.
2.5 friends have a Secret Crush on terribastedo. This is 1.5 more than in October, 2003. This is slightly above average compared to other users.

2 friends have a Public Crush on terribastedo. This is 1 more than in October, 2003. This is slightly above average compared to other users.

0.5 friends have an Ex-Crush on terribastedo. This is 0.5 less than in October, 2003. This is average compared to other users.
Confused by the decimal numbers? This is because someone had one type of crush on them, then changed their mind when they took the secret crush quiz on a different occasion.
How many people have a crush on you?
Secret Crush Meme 3 is twice as badass as Secret Crush Meme 2! With 23,000 new crush quiz responses (45,000 total) and the ability to find out who a user has crushes on!

Oooooo, I know who the 0.5 ex-crusher is!! LOL. And I know why *rolls eyes.* :) Don't forget, that guy needed my help with PayPal. (No worries; I'm not going to ask this time since it's fairly predictable.) Umm...I'm SO going to answer this quiz precisely as I did last time; no crushes, either present, past or future. :) That lil intuition served me well, as my REAL secret crushes were never notified :-D Ha.

Mr. Postmaaaan
I love our postman. Not all postal workers are postal, and this guy is great. Very intelligent, too, and loves his wife. If I even pop my head out for a second, he's all "Heyyyy Miss Terri!" :) Mailing Miss Terri: The Sequel. Anyway, he told me his wife is now a wedding planner, and he/I both rolled our eyes and laughed. And just then, after much laughter and chat occurred at THAT door the baseball boy came down. Ohhh he was informed by the police that this time, he was not only going to jail, but would need to cough up $700. They also told him that once I visited the magistrate to make this happen, that if he did it just ONE MORE TIME (after jail and fines), he'd go right back in the slammer. EHHEHEHE. So he's NO DOUBT trying to politic; even though the police told him that *I* wanted no contact with him, and if he did he'd get in big trouble. He's all creeping around like a wounded puppy, and I feel kinda sorry for him. Watch me not go through with this. Feh. I think he's been duly scared/warned/learned, and maybe I really shouldn't push for the big trouble thing. Hm. He's 25 years' old, and the police told him that he's old enough to act like an adult.

Um. Yes, he's an adult; but I know 40-year-olds who act less mature than baseball boy. And THAT, my friends, is a pitiful thing.

So...I dunno what I'm going to do about that situation, after I heard the police telling him all that would happen (including this affecting his credit, his ability to purchase a house, etc. etc.). I felt all guilty, but the police was right -- he should respect the other neighbors. Period. I wasn't the first, which is why he's in big big trouble NOW. The two police came in to talk with me, and one of them has it in for baseball boy (since he was drunk last weekend, and almost got hauled in for being a smartass). Yeah. So now, I don't know what to do. :-/ ANYWAYYYY.

Gotta bunch to do and er, no time to do it
Stayed up way too late last night/this morning, although I did sleep :) Gotta rush about and get ready for K's game, finish laundry (zzzzzzzzzz), and also get rid of boxes. Ja, ja, I have procrastination down to an art form at this point. And now, da freaks of Yahoo are finding me, despite my best efforts to see a man about a Wallaby.

Yeah...gonna see a man about that Wallaby now. :-D

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