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What to do, what to do...

Boyscout has relentlessly tried to contact me today. He's been way more 'present' lately than he has been in the years I've known him. Suddenly, he's 'around and available' almost every day. I feel like he's trying to get 'us' back to where we were in the beginning. Ack. We toyed with the notion of his being my roommate, and that's still under consideration (yeahhhh, I'm doing what I have to do for me. Sound familiar, JACKASS??)

Should I? Shouldn't I? Er, I did just have another incident. Although he's a master of self-control, I think seeing him would be playing with fire.

(Don't worry...not going to post another poll...lol). *Bites nails down to nubs*

Answer...don't answer...call back? Don't call back. See what goes ON UP HERE? Make it stoppppppp.

I'll probably cave in around 5 today, when I've bored myself to tears and have gotten tired of either responding to ad responses, researching options, or rewatching movies while I am 'confined to bed rest.' Hey! That's what I'll tell him! I'm on bedrest!! LOL :) Nooooooooo. That's just begging for trouble...


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