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He made that decision FOR me...woooooo ;)

Ahahaha. Gawd. Of all people to wig out on me I really really wish it hadn't been boyscout. Since his initial five calls, he's relentlessly called at least (no joke) 100 times. I can't even sign off the computer without the phone immediately ringing. I'mmmmm not thinking I'll see him today. Maybe even not tomorrow, next week, next month or YEAR. Too obsessive. Of course, he could simply be concerned (he's super concerned about me on most occasions). But dang; enough is enough.

The rest of today has been phone HELL. I'm about to pen a letter to my spawn (she loves mail, whether it's snail or E). Of course, no one on this planet can read my handwriting (yeahhh, THAT would make for an interesting photo...heh). However, I'm going to avoid the phone like the PLAGUE for the rest of the day and just pray that bedtime comes soon. He's been ... persistant before, but never to this degree. Kinda creeps me out. And that's not good, since he is a hawty. *sigh*

Burned the tip of my tongue. It hurts! *pout* Gah. Just the tip of it; not the rest of it, nor the roof of my mouth. Ack. Plus, my right shoulder is still in dire need of a deep tissue massage (or at LEAST strong hands kneading it into something resembling flesh instead of iron). Gawd. It feels like I have rods of steel running down my back. Not. Good. Hurts like HELLLLLL o. /maladies of the day...heh.

Woah, it gets dark QUICK 'round he-yah
Wow. Like THAT it got dark outside. AND OMG; HE'S CALLING AGAIN. RIGHT NOW, ON THE CELL. WHENN IS IT GONNA END??? Just weirdness. He's not like that. Hm.

Anyway, I'm soooo tired and need to relax. I want to take a steaming hot bath so bad right now I'm willing to risk a stroke to do it. :-D THAT would definitely loosen up the tight muscles in my back, eh? Bah. I need like back-up boyfriends who aren't obsessive/compulsive serial killer types, or at least live on THIS side of the Equator. Heh.


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