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You are GILL!
What Finding Nemo Character are You?

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I can't believe the seagulls nor crabs weren't choices. GrrRRR. *Makes note to start writing quizzes for Quizilla in spare time* Heh. I'll settle for Gill. Thank God I'm not Dory *scratches head*

Isn't a day like today supposed to inspire poetry or art or something? I don't feel inspired AT. ALL. Right now, I'm staring into the parking lot which has been -- for the past two weeks -- filled with three cars that don't belong here. They're clearly abandoned. It wouldn't be so bad if it matched the cars of people who live here; but these things are bad machines waiting to happen. GrrRR. And why o why would they park here instead of around back? It maka no sensa to me. They stick out like sore thumbs. And so my very sincere question at this point is: If I get a 'warning' from the board of directors for pulling in backwards [for landscaping reasons], why haven't THESE cars also been 'warned'? I don't see a note on ANY of them. The election for our Board of Directors is going to occur next week. Ooooo the temptation. I seriously want to be on the board if not for any reason other than to effect change around here that actually makes sense. Like running off the drug dealers. And making loud neighbors shut the hellll o up. If I can accomplish these things on my own, then WTH do we need a board for?! I should run for president. Heh. No, not of this place; of the U.S. Weeeeee. I'm afraid the presidential medical reports will probably disqualify me, but we all have the constitutional right to at least try. There's that. :-D Yeah aw haw. That's what I'll do. Rock the vote. Heh.

No more bed rest, because life cannot stand still
Today I have GOT to be super aggressive. I don't care where the motivation comes from, but I must get up, start making phone calls, and get busy. I have an odd freelance gig on the seventh. LOLOL. Um...I'd go into details about it, but I swear it's almost comical. Let's just say I'm a 'mystery shopper' and leave it at that. She who hates shopping with a vengeance is getting paid to do it. BAAAAAAHAHAHAH. The pitiful thing is, I'm shopping for FOOD. Not something cool, like toys or...well, anything but food. Power tools? Yeah! That would be cool! So this gig is brief, and only lasts for a little while but still; it pays well considering all I have to do is chat it up with a few people, and then audit their situations. Woohooo. I can now add 'auditor' to my C.V. Bwaaaaaahahahaha. Allrighty. I'm losing it.

To sell or not to sell?
I'm thinking I should probably get rid of my car. I went through this thought process last year when things were tough. I can just as easily haul ace in a Chrysler as I can in a Miata, right? Feh. It is, however, the only thing remaining from my divorce from K's dad. In a way, it's special because...well, I still have it, despite his making off with the furniture, etc. etc., and then two years' after the divorce, my house. I'm sure the Miata (since it is an M-class, fully loaded, and purty as the day she was born) would fetch a nice price. I could probably LIVE off of my earnings after I bought another, for that matter. Seems kinda stupid for me to hang onto it when I need that extra cash. But it IS paid for. Hrm. I'm going through my little internal audit again, too. Looking through books, movies, etc., and contemplating yet another sale of stuff. Already gone through jewelry and have found a few items that would fetch a nice price. E-bay? Does anyone have experience with it? If so, lemme know. I've never dealt with them, but I don't wanna sell anything short.

Mkay...not staying here all day
And not staying in bed, either. I'm just about to reach the point of being frantic once again, and GOD KNOWS I do NOT need that right now. =/ And so I get busy. I can't do better than that. Already got things lined up, and am praying no physical is required for whatever I decide to do. Ackkk. I think the medications I'm on alone would scare the bejesus outta anyone contemplating hiring long-term. Heh. Um...that's so not funny. I look fit, in fact look so much younger than I am, that I'm sure my 'health' won't even be questioned. Or at least I hope not. I suppose if anyone should be worried about it, it should be me. Yeah, okay. What good will being healthy do me if I'm evicted. Nada much, I'm thinking.

Mkay, back to it. Didn't sleep AT ALL last night, and kept looking at those glaring, red numbers on my clock. Ugh. I feel like ace today. Lovelyyyyy day to be optimistic and looking for full-time employment WITH benefits, eh? I don't ask for much. I'd be happy working as a cashier, as long as I can continue writing my piece at night.


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