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So disturbing, yet...

...gads. I don't think I can ever sit through the movie, Irreversible for the whole movie one. more. time. ever.

Very disturbing, music was creepy, photography gave me vertigo, and OLY CHEEOT. Yeah. Although some of it was unusually pleasurable, I don't think the pleasure made up for the disturbance I feel inside right now.

But on a happy note, welcome to LJ a real person :-D


Leave him alone, or I'll poke your eyes out. :-D Heh.

I'll probably not sleep for weeks after. That'll teach me to swim in water I know is too deep, and yet take the plunge anyway. I have a BIG FEELING none of you have seen this (if you guys are reading :D). Don't. It's not worth the few moments of ... fun that you will see.

Time is crawling today. I'm still running a fever, which kinda scares me after Saturday's thing. Trying not to worry about it. I think I've got a cold, but can't be sure, since it's been 800 years since I had one. All the symptoms are pretty clear. Ugh. Face hurtssssss. I know -- it's killin' you. BITE ME. Every time I try to use the victor alpha's nasal spray, it feels like I'm shoving razor blades up my nose. more of that.

K, however has not had one sinus infection since I started her on a daily saline program. Not ONE. I KNEW IT. Need to remember to get her more (to also take to her dad's), because this is MUCH better than the antibiotics her doctor loves to throw at her every time her nose runs. If I can do anything to prevent it, I will. I suspect she has allergies, and this summer (or after school), I'm going to have her tested. All those antibiotics aren't good for her. :-P Anyway, the saline she's been using religiously is working. It's fighting off whatever's been trying to invade her little nostrils and she's not suffered an infection since. Luck? I don't tink so.

And the follow up call from boyscout
Yesterday, he got me on the phone (tricked?). He was all WHERE HAVE YOU BEENNNNNNNNNN? Freak! He said he was worried about me and almost called 911. GAH. He's never been this...watchful/close/in touch before this year. Hmm. Starting to feel a little too familiar, and not in a good way (although he has waaaaaay too much pride to be a stalker). I assured him I was fine, that I just had a cold or something and needed sleep. GEEZ. Weird, that's all I'm sayin'. Am supposed to have dinner with him tonight, and I'll probably bring these lil things up. That is, if I make it. Right now, I want nothing more than to crawl back in bed, and watch some lame movie to calm me down after Irreversible. Yeah. That sounds like a plan. That, and food.

Nothing new that I want or need to share :) You just wasted three minutes of your time, I'm thinkin'. :-D

We need to take the whole line back to formula :-P

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