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Le day, thusfar [EDIT]

AAHAHAHAHA! Er, I'm going in reverse, but since this is the funniest, I'll add it. King Alex is all upset because I don't wanna see him nakey on the webcam (awwww). Plus he's mad because I won't 'chat with him' anymore. Err...if he spoke English, I wonder how that crap would translate? LOL. Twas funny enough to make me laugh out loud.

Malfunction junction was at a standstill on my way to work today. OMG. Horrible. Everyone, of course, was driving stoopid, because the roads were slick. However, there were some friendly, let-me-in types, and so I was actually early for work today. Have been going non-stop ever since (except to do a search for "Passion" tickets, all of which are sold out except the 1:50 showing at the Rave). Bummer. I wanted to see it TODAY. In fact, I'd totally lost track of 'the day' until someone in the office mentioned it. Ack. Being sick will do that to ya. And we have a sick, leetle baby one :( That's never good.

I'm hongry. I need to eat something, because this cold is gonna kill me. Of course, our soda machine has NO DECAF DRINKS IN IT WHATSOVER (or mebbe I just missed it). That's just a lil bit bizarre. Umhhh. Oh, and the receptionist came back here in tears because she thought she messed something up. I felt awful for her, and we all tried to convince her that there was nothing she could mess up that we couldn't fix. Still, she was really upset. I think more is going on with her. So she went home. Hrm. Anyyyway.

I need to git too. I've been going 90 to nothing all day long, and we have sickness going on 'round he-ya. Plus, I think I have a check in the mail (or am expecting one...*screams*).

The fruitloop update. OMG. He's worse than The Warden. AHAHAHA. Psycho Alex is NOW creating all these yahoo names in a desperate ploy to get my attention. It's sad, because NOW AOL (as AOL users all know) is kicking ALL Yahoo mail into a deleted spam folder. LOLOL. So poor Alex, whilst sitting around with that lil thing in his hand, is wasting good time on a chick who's not getting his mail. DOH. I only thought I'd seen stupidity at its worse; NOW, I REALLY have. AHAHAHA. Oh -- if any of you guys or girls wanna see that thang, just lemme know and I'll give ya his original e-mail and his yahoo messenger name, just so he'll be satisfied that SOMEONE will watch him. Heh. That is all.

Move out!!!


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Feb. 25th, 2004 10:59 am (UTC)

How is that possible?
Feb. 25th, 2004 11:56 am (UTC)
Decaff. MY BAD!! *runs to change it*
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