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Migraine or the second brain?

Ugh. My head is killing me. Smells, noise, light...all bother me right now. I dunno if you guys reading ever had a migraine, but if not, be VERY thankful.

Takin' the sick day.

Despite how guilty I might feel, I did take a sick day today. After I showered, I realized that driving -- or trying to do ANYthing that required thinking and reflexes -- would be a pretty stupid idea. There's nothing earth shattering going on, and God knows I've put in enough overtime to justify it. There's that. I do, however, hate taking sick days. I know far too many malingerers and I'm not one of 'em. Considering all the medical chit going on in me right now, it's best that I take this day, rest up, drink fluids and remain peaceful and still...


Ohhhhhh Kelsey! Waiting in carpool, doing homework...pray that she doesn't have math. What's up with elementary school these days? She's in the fifth grade. Logorythms?! Suffixes? Associations? Civil War history?! Okay, maybe that's not too much, since I did learn the Gettysburg Address in the sixth grade. But for some reason, I thought fifth grade was the last year of 'fun' school. Fortunately, K loves it. She's been armed this week with new school supplies, and we all know how happy that makes us :D

There was yesterday that went unmentioned...

And will probably always be so. I did, after all, promise not to mention any of that again. I have a feeling that yesterday contributed to the headache today, though. I think I need counseling. But to find the time?!

I received a couple of interesting phone calls from old buddies, and turned down a couple of dinner invites (headache again). I had no energy or desire to get dressed (again), get out, be humorous, make conversation and EAT. Ech. And let's not forget yesterday was muy tragic. I needed to get sleep.

Okay -- I want to know. Who sent the flowers??? I looked and looked, thought and thought, and the card said "Bastedo." I'm sure it's not from ANYone at work...nor can it be from anyone I've dated, since it's been eons. But it IS from someone who knows I use "Bastedo" so FESS UP! They were pretty, but it was disturbing. No name, and whomever told the delivery guy to refuse telling. The delivery guy was a hoot. I had my gaydar going on, and immediately recognized. He chatted with me, asked if I knew any single, good looking, MONOGAMOUS men...I just laughed, and told him if he could find THAT, then the world would be wunderbar. :) He told me I was cool, and that he'd drop by to visit from time to time. He still wouldn't say who sent them. The nerve.

As much as I'd love to keep writing, my head won't allow it.

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