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HAHAH...the 'lunch I never take' shall be taken here, methinks.

Umhm. What did I tell ya?

Women spend quality time with women. Men spend quality time with men. Whether this is some intense bonding experience or just a casual hangout, the cosmic energy seems evenly split along gender lines. If the two halves mingle, there might be friendship or passion, but there's sure to be some kind of misunderstanding. Unfathomable feelings and troubling questions interfere with a smoothly running process. Can you avoid this situation and still have a good time together? There's a middle path if everyone is wise enough to see it. You always have a good day when you learn something.

My horriblescope. ACK.

And gratuitous quiz artwork, shamelessly snatched from (I think) sixgun45lc:
You are Lucy!

Which Peanuts Character are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

It's alllll true!!! And that's that!

Heh. Er...but this doesn't really count as a journal entry. Or something.

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