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Bad, bad journaler *puts self in time out*

I've been soOoooooo extremely negligent with my journaling and true goings-on lately that it's almost criminal. I need to remember a lot of this stuff, and won't if I continue scribing in hard copy. My hand writing bites, and by next week, it'll look like a foreign language. Ack.

I REALLY need a new back tire, a great, understanding dentist, and about, oh, 783475982375 things that I haven't gotten in years that make my quality of life suffer without them. I'm thinkin' my personal goals aren't being met. I have worked incredibly hard on my mom-to-daughter book, as I feel it's necessary (and ya never know when your number is up). I'm almost through with it, and can't decide with whom it should stay if/when something happens to me. Hrm. Probably S.E., since he's a good friend ONLY and is pretty much detached from that whole emotional thing. Yeah. Plus, I think I can trust him not to read it. It is just to and for her alone.

When I'm finished, THAT'S when I'll start mine. Yeahhhhhhh allrighty. Heh. I am procrastination on two, bony legs I'm thinkin'. I'll procrastinate my own death if I can. *cough* So much to write, so many scribblings, notes, research, theories, statistics and subjects that it's almost mind-boggling. I honestly don't know where to start, since life -- as it has a way of doing -- is ever-changing, and I continually change my priorities of importance. This would naturally set back my personal writing goals. Perhaps this lousy journal is killing my ability (or confidence) TO write. Ackkkkkk. I've been reading a LOT lately; and I realize there are way too many 'published' writers out there who are awful. Not only that, but I'm guaranteed to be published and yet I sit on my hands and produce nothing. Self-defeating. That's the name of my game, and I'm sooo good at it. ANYYYYYYWAY...

Work was incredibly busy to start with, then came to a screeching halt. Eeks! I hate when that happens. You're going 90 to nothing and then BOOM. Road block, nowhere to move, nothing to process, nothing to DO. I decided to explore the system and learned mucho about it. However, I think the plan is to switch everything to QuickBooks or Quicken (instead of a modular program). Surely we won't use both. *cough* I'm really anxious to learn all I can, not only about our systems but the business itself so that I can seriously contribute in many ways (or at least, think I can). On the lighter side, EVERYone was in a great mood today. YAY! We were all happy, productive and laughing. Eh gads. This is definitely a first since I've been there. Usually, it's quiet as a tomb. Hrm. *Thinks about this one* As a result, the guy I was skeptical about beforehand I now get along with fine. :) I'm glad we were able to kinda bond and get over our preconceived notions about each other, which is what I am DEFINITELY certain about now. By the end of the day, he was laughing and playful, a state I've NEVER seen him in ever. Hopefully, he'll continue being this way, cuz it's kinda sad when you work with people who seem kinda sad and/or mad. :) There's that. was good in a significant way. Our bank really screwed up when I made the deposit, totally NEGLECTING to stamp the receipt. I had to go back, stand in line (in the ghetto, I kid thee not) for an hour, and wait for them to figure out what they were doing. *rolls eyes* They showed me where it appeared, and then printed off a few documents which seemed TOTALLY unnecessary (and took three of them to figure out how to do). Feh. That bit.

K called and of course, made an A on her math test! YAYAYAYAY!!! She's so chute and smart and sweet! She gets that from moi ;) Heh. I've noticed that she doesn't seem as excited as she used to when she first started calling. It's almost like she's USED to making all As, and takes them for granted. I've gotta bone up on child rearing for HER age, and discover a way to make it more exciting when she continues to succeed. Yash. I did gush and go on and on and on and...yeah, about how proud I am of her :D But then, I always do. She's always deserving of it. :)

Ze pain, ze pain. MAKE IT STOPPPPPPPP. Argh. Being a girl just sux0rs major sometimes. Especially NOW. My girlness snuck up on me early, and er, that's never cool. Plus, I think Mcfly might be a lil miffed at moi right now, but I can't prove it. :P Hm. Uhh...that has NADA to do with my girlness thang. WTH am I thankin'?

My lungs still feel like they're filled with water. UGH. I am hacking my head off, and can't sleep well because of it. I'm VERY sure it's not my sinuses and is strep at this point. Mom has been coming in to work, and since the first day I started, she's been sick (said she was at first, and has been coughing ever since). I'm bettin' my money that I caught it from her. It just mutated into strep or something. Whatever the case, strep, pneumonia, etc., it's KILLING me. Got a shot. Have a z-pac and antibiotics. SOMETHING'S gotta work, and quick. Running a continual fever saps the life out of you. Bah. I'd feel waaay too guilty to call in sick this soon, and also feel waaay guilty going in with a fever, thinking I'm going to spread germs. The horror of it all. *sigh*

Am too tired to journal any further. Need rest, need food, need, er 75283457382498 things for that matter. But most of all, I need to get off THIS thang.

Carry on.

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