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Biggest tease in town

Dear Diary:

Mother Nature is soo cruel! Right after the ominous dark clouds, the sun scared them away without a drop hitting. NOW it's dark again; but I'm SO not getting my hopes up. MEH. A nice tornado warning would be great! :D Or thunderstorm; or maybe a flash-flood watch or something skeery. But this nice weather B.S. has gotta go. I'd be willing to bet all my movies that this summer, we'll suffer a water shortage. Aw haw. All because of THIS DRY SPELL.

It is official...I'm so very single! Yash, tis true. I'm officially free again :) (not that I was enslaved before, but er, you know). Been a little problem anyway (or perhaps HUGE); but when I idly checked, and saw he'd put his personal ad back up THREE DAYS' yeah. LOL. I guess hanging up on him THREE DAYS' ago had some kinda impact. You THINK? Anyway, my neighbor (who is actually cute, even though I thought he was stalkeresque upon first meeting him) is still around, and er...yeah. If I get bored, he only lives one building away! Yay for geographical advantages.

Note to self, #102: Call up neighbor, make SURE he's not dating/not psycho/easy-going as I remember him to be.

Physically, he's gorgeous. He's the perfect age; not too young, not too old. And he's extremely thoughtful without being...selfish. :) So...ja. I need to dig up that number and see what he's up to.

I've decided to trust my instincts upon first seeing a red flag. Let's face it -- we're given this intuitive ability, and we should USE it; not ignore it, out of convenience or desire. Thank GOD we never 'next-leveled' our relationship (in fact, we only kissed once). Yash. Funny that sugar_candy posted her particular poll today :-D How apropos.

I did hafta make a stoe run after all... GAH. So anyway, I'm well aware that the fuse has shorted out which controls my brake lights, my radio, and interior lights, and normally don't put it in when it's light outside (if I leave the fuse in, it drains my battery overnight). I'm sitting at a traffic light in Vestavia, when I glanced behind me. FREAKIN' VESTAVIA FIVE-OH WAS RIGHT BEHIND ME, AND I HAD NO BRAKE LIGHTS. ACKKKKKKKK. Why didn't he pull me over?! Ummm...I was PRAYING for that light to change, and realized "'s the end of the month, and he's gotta make his quota." He sped past me, however, and smiled on his way by. WHEW. Collective sigh of relief from me, myself and I. I almost had a heart attack right there, thinkin' he was gonna get me. During the store run, the CVS woman (who's ALWAYS working the register when I go there to get Big Fizz) was complaining about her cow-orkers not answering the phone, and stocking instead, leaving her to both ring customers up and answer the phone. Uhh...shouldn't those employees be hopping on the phone, instead of STOCKING UP in a 24-hour store? Wouldn't it make more sense to focus on CUSTOMER SERVICE during the day, and product at night?! Gah. Who's managing that store, ANYway? I, of course, voiced this to the woman, who lit up like a Christmas tree, as if I'd come up with this novel concept she could bring to the next staff meeting. was funny, but you had to be there.

I miss K :( C.G. sent e-mail today with a link to the scuba-chicken exhibit at The Birmingham Zoo. I WANNA GO SEE THEM! They're imported, and won't be here long. I KNOW K would want to go with me, since she and I have an abnormal fascination with all things scuba-chicken. Hrm. I miss her, and so...gonna resist the urge to go on and on and...yeah.

Baseball boy's air-conditioner is driving me crazy. If I drank, I'd STAY drunk to avoid that on/off sound. Even last night, when it was COLD OUTSIDE, his air-conditioner woke me up three times. Finally, at 2:30, I got up for good for the day. *le sigh* Happily, I went to sleep REAL early; so right now, I'm not quite delirious, but not quite 'here' either.

No means no. Bye means GET OUT. Gawd. What IS IT that compels someone to continually contact you when you tell them NO and BYE over and over again?! No means NO. Bye means BYE. If I say either, I've got a real good reason. There's that. I'll listen to intelligent argument, but if you start off slamming me with 'what bothers YOU' when I'M the one who should be going through 'righteous indignation' that pretty much ensures that I'll equate you to a Richard clone, and want to LEAVE POST HASTE.

Yay! Umkay. It might be safe to assume that we're about to seriously get hit by a storm. Weeeeeeeehoooooo! So the power is probably gonna crash (since the phone did yesterday; now my crappy dialup only gets me here at 44000). *rolls eyes*

Nothing much to report, except I'm not wearing a bra. Then again, I don't need one. Pretty sad. :D

I TOLE YOU NOT TO GO THERE, I TOLE YOU! <--my Anger Management impersonation. Heh.
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