Creeping Through The Cellar Door (none_too_subtle) wrote,
Creeping Through The Cellar Door

Yeah another one. SO?

At this Moment
I am listening to:Movie soundtrack from "Once Upon a Time In Mexico"
I feel like:beating my neighbor into a bloody pulp.
I am thinking of:how to beat him and get away with it without going to jail.
I woke up at:5:30 a.m.; should be illegal.
I went to:brush my teeth, and had to borrow K's toothpaste. She's gonna kill moi.
I have eaten:Nada, enchilada.
the weather is:is, of course, teasing me. Really dark, then SUNSHINE. WOO. It bites.
I wish it was:storming outside.
the weather was:same as today, teasing me into thinking we'd have a storm.
but I wish it had been:really storming so my sinuses will clear up.
I went to bed at:7 (cough...make fun of me and dieeeeee, sweater monkeys)
after having watched:"The Dancer Upstairs"
if you could hypnotize someone, what would you have them do?:clean my house. Hahaha. Naked. *cough*
you had to choose only one thing to comfort you what would it be?:K, sleeping next to me
you had to name one thing that makes you the angriest, what would it be?:stupid, ridiculous, unfounded, psychotic e-mail
you had to name one thing that makes you the happiest, what would it be?:being with K :) :) :)
No Special Reason
What is one thing someone would have to do, be or have to woo your lover?:be a world-class kisser; and a great nose :) (the trick's in the nose)
What is something someone would have to do,be, or have to woo you?:be very gentle/subtle in his approach
What is the worst single fashion trend you hate the most right now?:freakin' open-toed sandals. Or those stupid, pointy heels with jeans. DUMB.
Would you wear it anyway?:NOPE.
Who would you allow to read your thoughts for one day?:Hmm...anyone. I have nada to hide.
How outspoken and candid are you?:VERY
Who do you know that you wish was MORE candid with you?:Hmm...I can't say that here. *sigh* (and no, it's not YOU...this person doesn't read my journal ever to my knowledge)
Who do you know that you wish was LESS candid with you? one
What scent evokes a memory for you?:Apple cinnamon
What is that memory?:Christmas
You have to change places with someone you know for the day, who is it?:Johnny Depp's pants; or Javier Bardem's those count? *blink*
Have you ever spread a rumor:Rumor? Never. Anything told in private is kept that way.
How true was it?:N/A. What I say is gonna be true whether it's good or ugly. There's that.
What term or word do you feel you overuse?:Meh. HEHE. Yeah. Mkay. Any or all of those
What term or word do you feel others overuse?:That is all. Carry on. Er...or something.
How long is too long to wait in line?:MORE THAN A NANOSECOND
What is the last movie you saw?:In the theater? 50 First Dates
What movie do you want to see?:Big Fish, Secret Window
Name someone you know now that you wish you could have known as a child:Hmmm...Mike Craine :)
What kind of first impression do you THINK you make?:Intimidating, confident
What kind of first impression are you TOLD you make?:Same as above
name someone who turned out totally unlike your first impression of them:Richard...absolutely 100% turnaround
Make a wish for a friend:that they'll get what they need, vs. what they want. :)

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