Creeping Through The Cellar Door (none_too_subtle) wrote,
Creeping Through The Cellar Door


For all of those who:

*Waddled for 8-9 months and almost became flat-footed.
*Had to pee 24/7 for almost a year.
*Grew breasteses almost overnight and IT HURT!
*Cried when you saw that little pair of eyes looking at you for the first time.
*Freaked out and ran to the Pediatrician every time you saw bags under their eyes, for fear they had some 'unique, unidentifiable' disease.
*Rubbed their little heads for two days straight, because they had a fever.
*Sat it a tub of tepid water for an hour, because you were the only one who could encourage them in.
*Carefully prepared food, when they were cutting teeth, so that they didn't take in any: salt, sugar, caffeine or ANYthing that would 'deflower' their innocent systems.
*Cried when they cried.
*Cried the first time another child intentionally hurt them.
*Cried when they made their first letters.
**(Just cry because they do something SO great you think they're the ONLY kid on earth, and this little bundle is a part of you)
*Cried when you had to leave them at daycare for the first time.
*Dared not get a babysitter for the first year (or maybe three)
*Stayed up nights to make sure they slept.
*Breast fed, and LOST your new-found breasteses.
*Changed your life completely, because now, "life" means something so much more.
*Are proud to carry those extra pounds, because you EARNED every one of 'em.
*Proud to carry every stretch mark, because baby needed room to grow (and kick and punch).
*Worry yourself to DEATH even now that they're older, because you're not there, yet trust them to do right.
*Worry yourself to death because you love them.
*Cried after you dressed their first 'wound' that bled.
*Cried when another child 'hurt their feelings'
*Wanted to beat a KID up for daring to hurt your child.
*Instead, went after their parents :)
*Monitored day-care workers like you were DHR; then had them fired for incompetance, the first time an incident occurred.
*Don't let THEM see you worrying; because you love them.
*Put your needs aside without thinking, because they need something.
*Truly know the meaning to the word "love" yet find it hard to explain.
*Don't feel compelled to explain "love" to the unknowing masses.
*Will kill or die for them.
*Almost have, in fact.
*Play Solomon; some things are best left alone for the good of your child, when YOU'RE the only one hurt.

And for those who're there when WE can't be the female presence in their lives (stepmoms, too)...

And for those who often have to go for long stretches without the true love/s of your life...and almost cry on their safe return --

Happy Mother's Day!


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