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Once upon a midnight dreary, as I pondered, weak and weary...

Sleeeppppy. Friends? Don't let
friends take screen caps of a webcam
at 3 a.m. EVER NEVER EVER.

Especially when said friend goes to bed EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. at 8 p.m.

Note to self, #112: Don't stay up past midnight. Especially when sunburned, hungry and straining to read the screen.

Da freaks come out at nightttt
Unfortunately, I didn't save a particularly piquant conversation I had earlier today. Even more unfortunate was my blocking the A-hole that tried to bow up on me because I didn't want to talk to him. THAT conversation was hilarious, and I should've copied and saved so I could remember that lil nugget of joy later on. Nothing screams idiot louder than the little man who gets his feelings hurt on the internet. Heh. The best defense is to smile, while being as evil as possible without using profanity as you proceed to lambast said offender. This gets them every. single. time. SOCIALIZE MUCH? I thought not. I finally told above-mentioned party that he seriously needed to take care of that testosterone overload and quick before he morphed into Mt. Saint Helen's. He didn't like that so much, so as he was typing, I blocked him. And mail-controlled him. Like I'm going to continue participating in a conversation that (a)I didn't want to be in in the first place; (b) some strange guy feels 'empowered' enough to deign to tell me what to do; and (c) I felt lowered my I.Q. by at LEAST 20 points, simply by association. Time to git. Which is precisely what I did. Still, I was on my game and rue the fact that I didn't preserve it, to savor tomorrow today.

And the fun technically started Friday...
Yet another 'found' me (WHILE I was blocked...we ALL know that's strictly verboten), informed me that his date was 'sick' and wanted to know if *I* wanted to go out with him. Exchoose me? YOU MEAN A BACKUP DATE? AAAAAHAHAHAHA! He took that one three times round the dance floor, and had the audacity to say that "I was contributing to the ruination of his weekend." Well yeah. I tend to do that when messaged by fruitloops on MY TIME WHILE BLOCKED who are trying so desperately to leave their homes just to BE SOMEWHERE ELSE. I don't get it. What's UP with single guys these days?! Why the urgency to get out every single night? Of course, women could be like this, too; but *I* wouldn't know about it, because I'm perfectly content and peaceful in my hamster bubble.

And who in their right mind thinks this is a 'normal' question:

" you have a hot date tonight?"

First of all, if I could predict that with such speed, accuracy and aforesight, I'd be going on hot dates every night wouldn't I? Wooo, gotta get ready. Because my uber keen ESPn is telling me THIS is a HOT DATE! Second -- and most important -- is that this is no one's bidness but MINE. How CRASS and bombastic is that? Get a grip. NEWSFLASH -- not only are we not together anymore, but I've surveyed my friends and they ALL AGREE this is inappropriate. ESPECIALLY from an EX. That make-believe branding iron you picked up on your internet adventure game doesn't work on my cyber ass.

Maybe I'm being a little too harsh. Or maybe everyone needs to BACK OFF. It might be spring, and we ALL might be frisky; but I'm not on the market. /man rant

Today (er, when the sun's up), I've got to get this place straightened up quickly. Especially my little AO. I'm not thinking staying up and reading all my favorite places on the net is helping much. Time to jet.

Madcox wishes he could help me unpack boxes and clean house, but I won't tell him where I live.


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